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About Us | Nourish International

Nourish International is a student movement that partners with communities to make a lasting impact on extreme poverty.

Our Model

Nourish International accomplishes its mission by serving as a platform for students to make a global impact today. The Nourish International Model has three parts:

  1. Student Leadership Development – students gain skills in social enterprise, responsible development, and leadership to create lasting change
  2. Ventures – students run these socially responsible businesses to raise money and help support people, planet and profits
  3. Projects – students then invest the money to travel abroad and implement a sustainable project in partnership with a local organization responsible development

MN Nourish Project Interns and Organic Health Response in Kenya, Summer 2013

Our approach is unique in that it addresses the massive needs of communities with sustainable, scalable solutions, while catalyzing tomorrow’s leaders to take action now. Nourish students partner with communities who lack the necessary funds and resources for development projects, but who have the entrepreneurial vision to eradicate poverty. To learn more about our ventures and projects, visit this page. To run your own venture and project, visit this page.



Our Impact

Our lasting impact on extreme poverty comes in two main ways:

  1. Through our projects where we invest in long-term, community-based solutions to poverty
  2. Through our students whom we equip with the entrepreneurship, leadership, and cross-cultural skills they need to become lifelong agents of social change

Nourish International equips students with the skills and experiences needed to become agents of social change. The experience of running businesses on their campus, selecting a project, partnering with a community to implement it, and assessing the outcome allows students to make a difference while still in school and grow into seasoned leaders in the process. In addition to having a global impact, Nourish students develop friendships with like-minded peers who inspire and support them as they pursue social change for the rest of their lives. Visit our alumni page to learn more about how Nourish students are continuing to shape the future for the better!

 “The lessons students are learning on Nourish Projects are things it took me years of professional experience to learn.” – Dennis Whittle, CEO of Global Giving 

Read more about Our Impact in our 2013-2014 Annual Report and Annual Report 2012-2013


Ohio State Nourish student interns working with Global Health Network Uganda

Since incorporating as a 501(c)3 non-profit in 2006, Nourish has grown into a national movement with 60 Chapters on college campuses in the US and Canada and a National Office in Chapel Hill, NC. Since 2003, we’ve invested $460,000 and over 600 Project interns in 113 projects all over the world. As a movement, we have placed 3rd in the Facebook Giving Challenge, received the North Carolina Peace Prize for excellence in cross-cultural solutions and sustainable development, and was featured at TEDxRaleigh, Ashoka U Exchange, and the United Nations.