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June 9, 2007 | Posted in 2007, Guatemala, NC State, UNC | By

 By Russ Spitler

Ok, this entry is a few weeks late, but it is here. I departed Gaute 22 May in order to complete Navy ROTC training. The night before I left, Steph, a friend of Connor’s, and I decided to take a microbus from Nebaj to Santa Cruz and then voyage to Antigua via chicken bus. I was glad to join Steph since she had made the five hour trip before and since my Spanish was still developing day by day. As we neared Antigua we got off the cozy bus to visit the school where Steph had been volunteering. Sadly, I cannot remember the name of the school at the moment, but I plan on writing on it when I get my hands on my notes from the trip. Anyway, it was awesome.

We spent the night at Steph’s house in town. Other volunteers from the school were living there. Carrie, from CES, came over for dinner, and it was baller. I bought five pounds of coffee from the school, and it is quite tasty. The 22nd I took a taxi to the city. The driver and I talked about politics, our project, well, quite a lot of things actually. At the airport I ran into John and his wife, who work with the Full Belly Project. We were catching the same flight to Charlotte. While waiting for our bags in CLT, John told me about his tattoo from the Southern Pacific. I apologize that this is scatterbrained and is lacking in literary vitamins and minerals, but I only have a few minutes. I wanted to at least put something online since I have not done so in a while. I will post something worthwhile in a week or two.