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And we’re off! | Nourish International

June 18, 2012 | Posted in 2012, Peru, Yale | By

Hello and welcome to the official 2012 summer blog of the Nourish International Yale Chapter! We are now just two days away from departing for Peru and we can’t wait to see what our journey holds in store. We invite you to join us this summer as we tackle public health issues in the forever fertile Moche Valley of Peru.

The group consists of five students who range in familiarity with this wondrous country (more on its wondrous- ness in later posts!) – two of us each have a Peruvian mother while some of us know enough Spanish just to get by! Regardless of our previous experiences with Peru, full-blown or innocently non-existent, I hope that this trip will be equally gratifying for every one of us. We will arrive Thursday morning in Lima, Peru, and together spend the rest of the day getting to know as best we can all that Lima has to offer. Disappointingly, I think it may be more than we could possibly fit in one day! Lima has the country’s highest concentration of museums, along with grand beaches, beautiful cathedrals, interesting archeological sites, a vibrant nightlife, and a cuisine to die for.

In the late evening we will leave for Huanchaco, a beautiful beach town about 360 miles – or an 8-hour bus ride – north of Lima along the Pan-American Highway. Luckily, we’ll be flying. J I think by then we’ll have been exhausted from long flights into Lima and a day spent traversing the city.

Our temporary home for the next six weeks is in Huanchaco, but most of our work will occur about 25 miles inland in the small town of the Bello Horizonte. Every day, we will commute there by bus and continue construction on a small medical clinic erected last summer. This year, we will add a pharmacy and small park area to the already standing waiting and examination rooms.  From what I’ve heard, the weather in northern Peru is pleasantly mild during this time of year. Despite it being winter (it’s winter in the Southern Hemisphere right now!), temperatures will be in the mid 70’s. I can’t wait to work in that type of weather!

Until now, the team has been preparing for the trip by learning about Peruvian culture, working on Spanish vocabulary, and discussing what we hope to come away with after spending six weeks in Peru.  I, for one, hope to come away with a better understanding of what it means to have an impact on global health.

Until then, I still have much packing to do! I plan on travelling light which in many ways, I will sheepishly admit, could be the death of me. (Before I get to Peru?! Oh no!) “Packing light” for a six-week trip to an area I’ve never been to before is not exactly my idea of ‘a walk in the park’. Yet, in light of all this nervousness, I can’t help but feel excited — excited for six weeks of all that may be called Peru.

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