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Give the Gift of Nourish

October 31, 2014 | Posted in Uncategorized | By

The opportunity

Tomorrow, we will officially kick off our annual Give the Gift of Nourish Campaign! This year, we have been presented with a unique opportunity — Nourish International has been awarded a challenge grant of $40,000 from an anonymous donor to match all gifts 1:1 between November 1, 2014 and December 31st, 2014. This is a lofty goal, but a worthy one with the potential to generate $80,000 of crucial support for our programs. We need your help to meet this matching goal and empower young entrepreneurs across our 60 chapters. This match is the largest our organization has ever received. Let’s rise to the challenge and make a profound impact in the world.

Donate Now

Thanks to supporters like you, Nourish has grown tremendously in the past three years, but our work is far from meeting the demand for our services and far from reaching the level of impact we aspire to.

The motivation

IMG_9523 for web

Program Associate Ellen Moore, a former Nourish student from the Syracuse University Chapter, recently told a story that both saddened and motivated us at the National Office. Ellen participated in her Chapter’s Project with Global Health Response (GHNU) in Uganda this past summer. While the Chapter was building latrines for three villages, Ellen met a little girl who was blind due to an eye infection she caught as a newborn. These types of eye infections happen quite often in developing countries. In the United States, they are treatable and, if necessary, operable. But in rural Uganda, these infections often result in immense complications and cause blindness in infants. The baby girl was one of 20 infants that had to undergo surgery — an invasive and complicated procedure for a newborn in rural Uganda — because the infection was left untreated. She had both of her eyes removed and sadly, of the 20 babies that received the procedure, she was the sole survivor.

IMG_9504 for webIt’s hard to imagine the grief the 19 young mothers that lost their children will carry the rest of their lives. Ellen met many of these women, who have since turned their experiences into a commitment to improve the community. She said partnering with them was one of the most rewarding things she has experienced in her entire life.

The little girl, baby Leah — now blind — and her family were living in an unsafe home, sleeping on mud floors in a flood plain when GHNU found them. Ellen’s Chapter invested their Venture profits to work alongside the family and others in similar situations, in partnership with GHNU. The funds were used to help relocate the family to a safer homestead that could accommodate them; one equipped with a latrine that would be suitable for young women. Having an accessible latrine is extremely important, given that women often risk being kidnapped or suffering from sexual violence because they have to go out alone in the middle of the night simply to use the bathroom.

Why donate now?

As a result of Ellen’s experience in Uganda, she came to work at our National Office. Now, Ellen is on the front lines coaching 20 Nourish Chapter leaders across our network to implement sustainable development Projects effectively, lead their Chapter to success, and raise funds through small business Ventures. This summer, more than 50 students from her Chapters will have experiences just like hers. Ellen is on a journey to become a leader, change-maker, and an innovator in the fight to end extreme poverty within our lifetime. IMG_9509 for webNourish set her on that path.

At Nourish, we believe in a world where a child doesn’t have to die from a completely treatable illness. We belive in a world where a family doesn’t have to live in unsafe conditions, with the risk of violence, natural disaster, and communicable diseases. We believe that everyone deserves access to the basic resources needed to survive: water, food, shelter, healthcare, and education. We believe in opportunity, dignity, and always see the glass as half full. Labels of race, sexual orientation, and class do not oppress people in the world our Nourish students envision. In our world, love is a universal language, opportunities are rich, and violence is an exception. This vision may be idealistic, but it’s not idealism we fear, it’s apathy for idealism. There is a more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible, and we hope you will join us in creating it.

How you can help

1. Donate to Nourish by visiting between now and December 31. Your gift will be matched 1:1 up to $40,000.

Donate Now

2.Kick off your holiday shopping at The price of each item purchased will be matched 1:1 between now and December 31.

3. Share our holiday campaign with your friends on social media. We need your help to spread the mission of Nourish!

All funds will be invested in our mission to empower social entrepreneurs to make a lasting impact on extreme poverty. Leaders like Ellen and partners like GHNU will be able to continue to build the world we envision because of your gift. Thank you for your consideration of supporting us this holiday season and for the profound impact you make by partnering with us in this work.

Congratulations to our Venture Fund Competition winners!

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Every year, the National Office holds a business plan and pitch competition among Nourish Chapters for seed capital investments in their innovative Venture ideas. This year, we were extremely impressed by all of the pitches we reviewed. Ultimately, we decided to award Ohio State University and Syracuse University $500 and $350, respectively, to implement their Ventures.

Ohio State’s business pitch detailed a plan to host their second annual ugly Christmas sweater sale. Last year’s sale was the Chapter’s most profitable Venture, earning them $800 to invest in their sustainable development Project in Ecuador. The Venture Fund seed capital will allow OSU to purchase additional sweaters at no further cost to the Chapter, meaning all revenue generated will be 100 percent profit. Akram Jabeer, the Chapter’s Co-Ventures Director, said he expects the profit to near $3,000 — a whopping 275 percent increase from last year’s sweater sale. “Receiving the Venture Fund gives our Chapter a boost in motivation as well as the confidence to approach every single Venture in the same demeanor as the Ugly Christmas Sweater Venture,” he said.

The Syracuse Chapter will hold its second annual Halloween costume thrift sale in the hopes of making it a tradition that students look forward to every year. The additional $350 will allow the Chapter to increase its supply of costumes and accessories, which will increase profitability of the Venture and help build the Nourish brand on campus and in the community. “If we didn’t receive this capital, we would have continued to launch the Venture, though with a smaller budget of $200,” said Ventures Director Eliza Kinnealey. “The Syracuse Chapter is so excited to be given this opportunity to scale our Halloween Thrift Sale.”

Boston College and Hope College received honorable mentions, earning them each $50 for marketing purposes. Boston College will launch BC Cupcakes, an online cupcake delivery service that will allow parents, students and friends to purchase cupcakes for events or loved ones on campus. Hope College will invest in an on-campus coffee cart, where they will sell local coffee and baked goods in dorm lobbies. Stay tuned for updates on their progress!





2013-2014 Annual Report- Hot off the Press

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Dear Nourish Supporters, Students, Staff, Alumni, Partners, and Friends: 

What a year we have had! I wanted to personally ensure you received a copy of our 13-14 Annual Report sharing highlights of our best year yet! With you, we saw the following success last year:

  • Nourish Chapter on 60 campuses across North America
  • Pilot Program launched at 5 high schools
  • 800 Active Nourish Students
  • 900 Nourish Alumni
  • $106,000 invested in sustainable development projects abroad
  • $167,000 earned through ventures with a 5:1 ROI
  • 28 Projects completed in 11 countries

It is my hope that you see the magnitude of Nourish’s work and the integral part you and your support plays in furthering this work. As you read through this Annual Report, I hope you are filled with pride in knowing that you made this success possible. We are filled with gratitude for your belief in our mission and your commitment to ensuring the success of our students as they become global change makers and develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

My Sincere Thanks,

Kelly's Signature



Kelly Leonhardt Phoenix

Executive Director

Nourish International

NI 13-14 Annual Report – Download by clicking the link

50/50 Fall Raffle benefits Goldstein Fellowship Program

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50/50 Cash Raffle! – UPDATE TOTAL OVER $1,000 AS OF 10/15

Nourish International will be hosting a 50/50 Raffle this fall to raise funds for our Goldstein Fellowship Program. This fundraiser provides the opportunity for one lucky supporter to go home with half of the net proceeds! The other half of the net proceeds will go directly back to supporting Nourish International’s Goldstein Fellowship Program. This is a chance for you to win big for a good cause!

 About the Goldstein Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program provides qualified and passionate young professionals, with a focus on a meaningful professional development, an opportunity to work in the non-profit sector and mentor over 200 Nourish students in their leadership development. Since it’s founding, 9 individuals have graduated from the program and gone on to work in social entrepreneurship and take full time positions with our National Office.

Last years fellows mentored over 800 nourish students on 45 campuses throughout the school year on social enterprise, international development and leadership skills. These chapters, with support from their Goldstein Fellow, were able to raise over $160,000 in profit to implement 28 sustainable development projects in 11 countries for over 50,000 people living on less than $1.25 a day.

Winner Announced on December 11, 2014 at our Winter Jam

  • Nourish Winter Jam
  • December 11, 2014
  • 7-10 pm
  • Deep South Bar in Raleigh, NC.
  • Live Music
  • Bar Specials


Tickets for the Fall Jam are sold separately at $5 each and will be sold at the door as well as online here. If you purchase a ticket to the fall jam you will recieve a complimentary raffle ticket as well. 

Following the October 26th event, the lucky winner will be mailed a check representing 50% of the net amount. You do not have to be present to win.

Should you have questions, please reach out to Kelly Phoenix at [email protected] 

Welcome Fall 2014 Interns

September 17, 2014 | Posted in 2014, Nourish Office, Office Updates | By

We are excited to welcome seven interns to our team this fall!

Anna Graves, Events and Outreach

IMG_4031Anna is a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying geography and religious studies. During her time as an undergraduate student, she has been a mentor for three international students and involved with organizations such as United Students Against Sweatshops. As a returning intern from summer 2014, Anna is excited to continue working with Nourish as the Events and Outreach Intern and to participate in their movement, which relies on students and education to create sustainable growth and social development both locally and internationally. In her free time she enjoys exploring, the outdoors, drawing, painting, attending concerts and spending time with family and friends.




Jessika Virtanen, Corporate and Foundational Outreach

550559_496980056983777_1692545746_nJessika is a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill majoring in economics and global studies. She is interested in the concept of social entrepreneurship and ultimately intends to utilize her economics degree to help impoverished communities implement long-term changes. After interning with Nourish over the summer, she is excited to further explore nonprofit work this fall as the Corporate and Foundational Outreach Intern. She also works for the North Carolina Scholastic Media Association, an organization which provides resources for high school and college media organizations across the state, is on the Advocacy committee for UNC’s Relay for Life chapter, and has spent time tutoring the children of Burmese immigrants in local elementary schools. Her interests include running, reading and traveling.



Anna Long, Public Relations

302587_10150379429314318_462098958_nAnna is a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying public relations and history. After becoming involved with both journalism and nonprofit work in college, she knew she wanted to channel her writing to make a positive impact in the community. She is passionate about sustainability and hopes to see Nourish’s model of social entrepreneurship and community-based solutions gain national attention. As a returning intern from summer 2014, she is excited to continue and further expand upon her work as the Public Relations Intern, which will allow her the opportunity to help raise awareness for the organization. In her free time, she enjoys reading, going to concerts and spending time at the lake.




Tammy Chen, Chapter Support

TammyphotoTammy is a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill majoring in Public Policy and minoring in Hispanic Studies. She is interested in pursuing a professional path that embraces the intersection of social policy and population health. This past summer, Tammy interned at an NGO in Chile to contribute to the foundation’s efforts to actualize global poverty alleviation/South-South cooperation in the Latin American and Caribbean region. Aside from her internship, she discovered her newfound love for snowboarding while in the Andes mountains. She also enjoys discovering new music, exercising, learning foreign language, and hearing the stories/perspectives of people from all over the world. This fall, Tammy will work with Nourish as the Chapter Support Intern.


Nae Won, Chapter Founders Team Lead

10494690_662410607190176_5779469349781380883_nA native of Charlotte, N.C., Nae is a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill double majoring in public policy (health concentration) and global studies-global health with a minor in medical anthropology. Nae has served in various executive positions for student organizations, which exposed her to the knowledge of international relations, team management, and organization communication. She recently served as the American Executive Committee Chair for a student-led month long international conference — the Korea-America Student Conference — and is currently serving as a Special Events Coordinator for the UNC-CH Alpha Kappa Delta Phi, International Sorority Inc. Nae developed a passion for public health during her senior year of high school, when she witnessed inequality of healthcare during her mission trip to Costa Rica. Since then, she has dreamed of one day founding her own nonprofit to provide equal access to sustainable healthcare and human rights internationally. Other than taking classes, leading organizations, planning events, and working a part-time job as a manager in the student union, she loves to travel, listen to and play music, walk, and enjoy life to the fullest with the people she loves.

Carson Ledford, Business Consultant

image-2Carson is a junior global health studies major and public policy minor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Originally from Charlotte, N.C., he has been actively involved with the Ronald McDonald House Charity since 2010 and now enjoys exploring ways to give back in the Triangle. He is excited to work with Nourish International as the Business Consultant Intern to help continue the financial growth and success of the organization. One of his passions is international development, an area he hopes to pursue more through Nourish as well as post-undergrad. In his spare time, he likes to travel, spend time with his family, and restaurant hop.



Sam Salvesen, Lead Generation

603710_10151060353099599_990596489_nSam is a a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill double majoring in economics and Latin American Studies. He developed an interest in nonprofit work while studying abroad in Brazil for eight months, where he witnessed first-hand the profound inequalities that pervade the country. Sam’s passion for nonprofits was solidified after he spent a month in Guatemala City conducting a socioeconomic survey in the largest informal settlement in Central America (more than 60,000 residents living in a ravine). He is eager to work with Nourish to seek out healthy partnerships with community leaders all over the world with the goal of one day returning to Brazil to start his own social enterprise. In his spare time, he enjoys skateboarding, playing soccer and taking spontaneous trips to the beach.

Nourish International Launches New Look!

August 20, 2014 | Posted in 2014, Nourish Office, Office Updates | By

Nourish Community,

We are pleased to roll out our new logo and tagline this month. Nourish International’s new look can be attributed to a partnership with Clean Design, a brand and ad agency based in Raleigh, NC that was recently named the #1 Graphic Design Firm in the Triangle. All of their services were generously donated to support the re-brand.


Our new logo, featured in our August 2014 Newsletter, captures the three elements and synergy of our work to engage students, empower communities, and use business as a tool to impact poverty. In addition, the vibrant colors capture the global reach of our work and innovative spirit of the Nourish Network. Our new tagline, “Impacting Poverty with Ingenuity,” showcases our entrepreneurial spirit and unique model in our field of work.

We are delighted to share our new look with you and hope you will join us in showing our appreciation for Clean Design for their tremendous support in this process.

Kelly's Signature

Kelly Leonhardt Phoenix
Executive Director
Nourish International

P.S. Interested in representing the new Nourish look? Purchase one of our Nourish T-Shirts today! Shirts are just $15. Deadline to order is tomorrow (8/21) at 10PM. Buy one today!

Nourish Students Will Join the Millennium Campus Conference 2014– Not Too Late to Apply!

August 19, 2014 | Posted in 2014, Nourish Office | By

We are honored to announce that six Nourish students will be joining Nourish International staff at the Millennium Campus Conference in Boca Raton in October. Nourish has been named a co-host for this year’s Millennium Campus Conference, and we are thrilled to have Nourish students join us at this transformative conference!

The six Nourish students selected to join us are:

Abigail Mackey, Ohio State University

Anna Zigmond, Indiana University

Annie Finley, University of Idaho

Hailey Lewis, University of Idaho

Dineka Ringling, University of Idaho

Reynel Mirabal, Barry University

MCC will be held on Lynn University’s campus from Oct. 10-12. The conference aims to gather college students from all over the world to voice youth perspectives on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. During the conference, students will participate in workshops and listen to world renowned speakers such as New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, Peace Corps Director Carrie Hassler-Radelet, and President of the US Fund for UNICEF Caryl M. Stern.

Nourish students can still apply to attend the conference: Apply Here to be part of the Nourish delegation representing Nourish at MCC (Note: scholarship opportunities are now closed).  Students will also need to complete a separate application directly with MCC at The registration fee is $65. The Late Application Deadline to apply is September 5.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Celebrating our largest Summer Institute to date!

August 13, 2014 | Posted in 2014, Nourish Office, Summer Institute | By

Thanks to our generous supporters, passionate students, alumni and speakers, the 2014 Summer Institute was our largest to date. The rigorous and rewarding 5-day conference prepared students for the challenges they’ll face as Chapter members this year. Through workshops, mentoring and hands-on training, students learned how to earn money, partner with international communities, and run a successful Nourish Chapter on their campuses.


With each day focusing on a different aspect of what it takes to succeed in international development, students are now prepared to hit the ground running as they start a new and exciting year of Nourish. Here is a glimpse of what was covered at this year’s Institute:

Thursday, July 31- Leveraging Your Passion

It is no secret that it takes passion and dedication to complete a successful international development project. The first day of the conference focused on how to leverage that passion as a tool to create lasting change. Nourish consultant Sarah Miller Frazer discussed how to balance audacity with humility — how to be bold and passionate while understanding that there will be difficulties to overcome along the way. Sam Vaghar, Executive Director and co-founder of The Millennium Campus Network, emphasized the power young people have to change the world now.


Friday, August 1 – Leveraging Your Chapter

The second day of the conference was all about establishing and marketing Chapters. Ed Cheely, Senior Director of Sales and Business Development at Citrix ShareFile, discussed the importance of company culture and how to apply it to motivate a Nourish team. Nancy Woody from CleanDesign, the brand and design agency that created Nourish’s new logo and look, taught students how to establish their Chapter’s brand. Motivating speakers like Zach Ward from DSI, Allie Ahearn from the UNC Admission’s Office, Alexis Tavarez from the UF Chapter and Frank Phoenix from the Fenwick Foundation shared how to effectively leverage Chapters in the media and in the world.


Saturday, August 2 – Leveraging Business as a Tool for Good

The values of the business world and the nonprofit world may appear to clash at first glance. However, business skills are vitally important and can be leveraged as a tool for social good. Carlyle Singer, Chief Operating Officer of the Acumen Fund, led a session called “More Money = More Impact” that emphasized the value of business in international development. Adam Wyrick of Citrix ShareFile shared sales techniques and how to apply them to Ventures. Barbara Jessie-Black, Executive Director of the PTA Thrift Shop, discussed how to scale ventures to fit the needs of a community. Students brainstormed and pitched business models that embodied the values of the triple bottom line ­— benefitting people, profit and planet. These models will serve as the foundation for successful Ventures in the coming year.


Sunday, August 3 – Leveraging Partnership

The Nourish approach is unique in that it relies on building strong relationships with community partners. By working alongside community leaders, student interns gain insight into how best to implement a sustainable project. Nourish Board of Directors member LaHoma Romocki, a former PeaceCorps Cameroon Director, taught the Nourish approach and the successes and challenges of sustainable development. Hillary Larman of the US Fund for UNICEF discussed advocacy in action and how to create successful partnerships. Board members Evan Ashkin and Ann-Marie Clayton explained what partnership means and how to evaluate impact.


Monday, August 4 – Leveraging What You’ve Learned

The last day of the Institute was bittersweet as students reflected on what they learned throughout the conference. Nourish Board Chairperson Dee Blake talked with students about Nourish’s strategic plan and how to carry it over to their Chapters.

The Nourish staff was thrilled by the engaging discussions and ideas presented by students throughout the Institute. We are confident that our Chapters are prepared for the coming year and we can’t wait to see where it will take us. Thank you to all involved in the conference — it was a huge success! We hope to see you there next year.







Clean Bali

July 30, 2014 | Posted in 2014, Indonesia, Summer Projects, U Idaho | By

This past week, we were able to get our project finished. Talking to the kids about what they wanted the future to look like, many of them said that they wanted a cleaner Bali. But then we would see them throw trash on the ground or in a stream. There was just no connection between their actions and the concept of a “Clean Bali.” 
   So last week we started our beach cleaning initiative. During our time in English class,we talked about environmental initiatives and how the kids can make an impact in their daily lives. One class was soon chanting: “Environment! Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!” We discussed not getting a plastic bag at the grocery store and refilling reusable water bottles. The kids came up with their own ways to make an impact. We felt like it was important to try to instill them with passion because any big change that is to be made on this island will have to come from the locals. And in my humble opinion, these kids will be some of the ones to do it. 
   On Wednesday and Thursday, instead of holding class, we took the kids down to the beach to clean up. Clearly, kids will be kids and there was some wrangling to be done but for the most part, they were invested and down to roll up their sleeves and do some work. Laughter abounded as we worked our way down the beach, filling bags and bags with trash. Everything from styrofoam to flip flops was dumped unceremoniously into the garbage bags and then loaded into a trailer to be taken off. 
   Chatting with a tourist from Australia, he thanked Slukat for cleaning and said that it looked 100 times better. The plan is for the kids to do the next cleanup in three months and at regular intervals from then. It’s not a huge difference but it’s something. And hopefully it will be a shift in their mind sets more than anything. 
   Tomorrow is our last day in Bali and at Slukat. For most of us, the feelings are bittersweet. The students have found very real places in our hearts and they will be missed terribly. However, everyone is excited to go home and eat some familiar food and snuggle our pets. Looking back on our time, we have had a really sensational experience. The laughter and smiles were frequent, as was the sharing of knowledge. Our time in Indonesia has been beautiful and we would like to thank each and every person who got us here. Terima kasi! See you soon! 
-Lydia Hanson

Summer Institute Speakers 2014

July 24, 2014 | Posted in 2014, Nourish Office, Summer Institute | By

The 2014 Summer Institute is just one week away! We can’t wait for students and alumni from across North America to get to know our amazing speakers. Let’s take a moment to learn about four of our guests in the second of a series of speaker features. Stay tuned for more!

Zach Ward, DSI

ZachWardAs a Chapel Hill native and proud Carolina graduate, Zach has been performing and directing comedy for more than 20 years. He is the founder, artistic director and executive producer of Dirty South Comedy Theater, as well as the executive producer and artistic director for the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. He has received critical acclaim from the Chicago Reader and the Chicago Tribune for Dual Exhaust (Top 10 “Most Influential Comedy Duos of the Past Decade”) and The Beatbox (Critic’s Choice, Best Bet, Chicago’s “Top 5 Latenight Shows”). Zach can currently be seen performing comedy around the country and at the DSI Comedy Theater. Hetranslates success both in business and on stage to professional speaking, business and brand consulting, leadership development and team building for clients including, Proctor&Gamble, Motorola Latin American and Duke Corporate Education. Zach will be leading the Storytelling & Improv session, where he will help students strengthen their leadership and storytelling skills for their work abroad.

Barbara Jessie-Black, PTA Thrift Shop

BarbaraJessieBlackBarbara is the Executive Director of the PTA Thrift Shop in Chapel Hill-Carrboro. Barbara Jessie-Black has a MBA from Meredith College and has experience working with both corporate companies such as Belk inc. as well as non-profits such as The PTA Thrift Shop. While Barbara enjoyed her time working with Belk she maintained that she wanted to part of a Non profit organization and giving back to the Community. Since joining the PTA Thrift Shop, Barbara has worked on revamping the PTA Thrift Store’s Image and scaling up the business in order for it to be able to compete with other local businesses. Along with her involvement on Multiple Boards such as the UNC Health Care Systems, and Chapel Hill Carrboro Chamber of Commerce, Barbara is also Co-Founder of OneVoice Institute of Business and Entrepreneurship, Inc. in Durham.  Barabara will be speaking about how to scale in business in order to help students gain the skills necessary for scaling their own chapters and chapter ventures.

Evan Ashkin, Nourish Board of Directors

dr-evan-ashkinEvan Ashkin is an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at UNC Chapel Hill  as well as a member of Nourish International’s Board of Directors. He is the lead faculty at UNC for a health promotion and disease prevention program in rural Central Mexico, which focuses on food security issues. Additionally, Evan works for AccessCare, part of Community Care of North Carolina, creating disease management programs for chronically ill Medicaid patients. He was also the founder of the Health Care for the Homeless program in Albany, NY.  Evan will be speaking to students in a group session about what it means to engage in partnerships, and how to talk about Nourish International’s approach to development.

Ann-Marie Clayton, Nourish Board of Directors

photo-250x2431Ann-Marie is a PhD student at NC State in the Department of Industrial-Organizational Psychology and is currently the Program Assistant for the Humanitarian Work Psychology Initiative at NC State. In 2012, she earned her BA in Psychology from California State University-Fresno, where she served as the Secretary of the Student Senate and as a Research Assistant in a psychology, business, and social work lab. Ann-Marie has significant non-profit experience, as she has served as the Coordinator of Central Valley Book Bank in Fresno County, and has coordinated summer community volunteer programs for youth in Arkansas. She is also a founding member of the Global Organisation for Humanitarian Work Psychology, which seeks to support efforts to enhance human welfare. Ann-Marie will be speaking to students about to how emphasize sustainability, and why it is important develop for development.

Career Day at Summer Institute!

We are also very excited about Career Day at the Summer Institute! Nourish is honored to have so many amazing people speaking about their experiences in order to support students in pursuit of their future careers! Our Career Day speakers include:

Erin Jobe
Carrboro Farmer’s Market

Molly Demarest
American Underground

John Van Aalst
MD- UNC School of Medicine

Carlo Diy
Haiti Hub

Andy Krzmarzick

Janice Smith

Megan DePorter Zeishner
Cisco – Community Relations

Lisa Jones

Jeremy Collins, JD
Southern Coalition for Social Justice

Jillian Wahlbrink
Kenan-Flagler Business School

Jennifer DeSimone

Andrew Lakis
Teach For America

Virginia Cartwright

Dee Blake
Duke Hospice

Jesica Averhart
American Tobacco