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(backlog) – Week 3 = Sickness,Yaounde and Youth Camp | Nourish International

July 21, 2013 | Posted in 2013, Cameroon, OSU, Summer Projects, UNM | By


Here’s a recap of our third week in Cameroon!

We spent some more time setting up some demo gardens in Lui-Oku, Elak-Oku, Simonkoh-Oku and did a presentation in Jigijem-Oku on seed saving along with a garden this week. We were also in Ibal-Oku and did a variety of community activities, plus horseback riding.

(Simonkoh-Oku Garden – gorgeous)IMG_7183

(Lui-Oku Garden — what a trek!!)


(Lui-Oku CIG for the garden, June 5? = photo cred. Joan)lui garden

(Elak-Oku garden, June 5? = photo cred. Joan)elak mt garden

(Ibal-Oku, recreation = photo cred. Joan)ibal

On the 7th of June, we had our International Youth Leadership Camp in the Elak-Oku Community Hall. All were welcome to come and discuss various topics such as community development, globalization, and youth participation. We also took the end of the gathering to distribute more of the Days for Girls menstruation kits.

(Camp discussions = photo cred. Aubrey)debate

(Presenting discussions at camp = photo cred. Aubrey)present elak camp

(Distributing kits = photo cred. Aubrey)menstruation kit

But the highlights for this week involve the varying bouts of sickness we all passed around. It ranged from varying stages of nausea, diarrhea, and loss of appetite to endless vomiting and full-blown parasites. But for most cases, we were able to handle it with a first aid kit, medicine and good ol’ R&R. But it’s true – poor Maxie had to go to the local hospital and have an experience with the health care in a developing nation. She was held for a few days and treated for malaria (though, can’t tell if that was the final diagnosis).

(Maxie in the Elak-Oku hospital! Aww = photo cred. Grace)

max hospital

And me (Ash) personally dealt with about a week of “mango worms,” fly larva lain on damp clothing and hatch under the skin. It was gross and varying degrees of itch and pain – if you are morbidly curious, Google it. This was all leading up to our trip to the Cameroonian capital, Yaounde, to meet the Prime Minister! He hails from Oku, so he was interested in hearing about our projects. We met him in the morning at his office and then we dined together in the evening. It was all very interesting and surprisingly pleasant.

(Day adventures in Yaounde = photo cred. Maxie)Yaounde

(PM’s for dinner = photo cred. Maxie)PM's house

So, that covers up until about June 11, our last night in Yaounde.

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