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¡Bienvenidos a Guatemala! | Nourish International

May 4, 2013 | Posted in 2013, Guatemala, IU, Summer Projects, UTK | By

¡Hola! … Hola, hola, hola!!! We better get used to this, because we’re going to GUATEMALA!!!

I don’t think excitement can really capture the emotion IU Chapter is feeling right now.   If you would have told us last semester that we would be traveling to Guatemala City this summer, I think we might would have questioned your sanity, just a little.  After all, we’ve only existed for one year!  That’s right, our first year and we’re already going on project!  How awesome is that?  Despite the odds, after a semester’s worth of hard work and unlimited dedication by our team, it is with great pleasure to announce: we leave in 2 days!

Teaming up with on-site organization, UPAVIM (Unidad Para Vivir Mejor) and our future best friends, University of Tennessee Knoxville, we’re going to be extending a helping hand to the community of Guatemala City.  During our stay of 6 weeks we get the extraordinary opportunity of integrating ourselves into an amazing program that acceleates the learning of children of all different ages!  What will we be teaching, you might ask?  Well, we get to supplement the learning of subjects including, but not limited to: English, Science, and Art.  My expectation is that this experience is going to blow our minds!  But it doesn’t stop there!  We also get to help out the community in other ways, too.  We’ll be planting Moringa trees that bear leaves that can compensate for more than half the basic nutritional neccessities one requires, as well as, coming up with other innovative, environmental projects while we’re down there to imact the community as a whole.

To give a logistical perspective of the project there’s 3 members coming from IU Nourish (Carli, Mykayla, and Myself (Colt)) in addition to 6 members coming from the UTK Chapter, who we’re dying to meet.  After a semester of communication via email, Facebook, and Skype, it’s going to be bittersweet meeting everyone in person and creating friendships with other Nourish International members.  It’s amazing, the chance we get to discover other people united under the same cause of eliminating global poverty, just like us.

So it’s safe to say we are pretty pumped about the whole situation, all together!  Both of our chapters have raised more than what we planned on in the beginning, and intend on using the money to fund teacher’s wages at the school we’ll be particpating in, in addition to funding all the projects we we plan to implement once we get down there.  Keep tuned in as we update you on the advancement of this project and we’ll keep everyone informed on the highlights and experiences to come from this amazing adventure to Guatmemala!  We’re going to let curiosity be our guide and allow this journey to unfold before us.

Wish us luck!


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