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June 23, 2014 | Posted in 2014, Penn State, Summer Projects, Uganda | By

As the weeks go by we feel the air get cooler and the rainy days come more often. As the storm comes kids run home and people lock up the doors to their stores and head home. There isn’t a person, a goat, or cow on the road. When we walk outside to head to the office, the sky is clear, but as we look ahead we can see the rain gushing and heading our way. So we start to head back home to wait out the storm. You might say it’s just a little water. But it’s not the water people dread, it’s the mud. When the storm passes and we start walking, we see it is not an easy task but more of an obstacle course as we try to make it to work without falling in the water or even being stained by the reddish mud. We get used to waiting out the storms before we continue our work or before we head home. It came as a bit of surprise for me, in Uganda rain is seen as good luck or blessing. Natives actually want the rain to come during funerals and marriages.

This week we went to Nakalanga Village and we were divided among each other to educate students on Sexual Health and to aid the workers on the pit latrine project. During the health education, students welcome us by singing their national anthem and saying a prayer. We felt their appreciation deep inside, we were really fortunate for the opportunity to teach the students. The students asked a variety of questions and we were glad to answer them all. Some of the interns even helped the workers build the pit latrine.

We attended three more schools, Bunyas Secondary School, Good Heart and Wabulungu. This was our second time visiting the schools. Our last teaching sessions involved teaching the younger students, but these next teaching sessions involved teaching the older high school students. As we are constantly switching between these different age groups we find ourselves having to adapt our teaching methods to apply to the students. We find that older students have a better grasp on the material and we spend more time answering their questions and giving them one on one personal time. During one of the school visitations, we had to depend on an interpreter as the students did not fully understand English. We were happy and fulfilled when the students left with all the information they wanted. As we talk to more and more students, we empathize with them as we listen to the troubles they face in school and outside.

During the GSP meetings we were able to implement a better and more efficient way of transcribing all the data so it is organized enough for everyone to understand and access in the future. As the days pass we continue to change our methods and better our efforts to help the people around us. As the end comes, we get excited knowing we are getting closer to accomplishing our goals. At times we might find it difficult to continue our work but we remind ourselves the reason we are here and the impact we are trying to make on these people and their communities.

With love,

Anika Javed, Nourish PSU

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