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Chapter Challenge: March | Nourish International

April 5, 2012 | Posted in Chapter Updates | By

Chapters have the opportunity each month to compete to win a $50 prize for their Chapter that they may use for start-up capital, project finance, or something fun or special for their Chapter.  The challenges feature Ventures, Projects, Awareness, Marketing and more!

For March, chapters were invited to submit a short blog post on a partnership they have been a part of during the 11-12 school year. The partnership can be with a business, fellow student organization, or on-campus department showing the value created for that Nourish Chapter, the value created for the partner, and the long-term sustainability of the partnership.

The winner for the March Chapter Challenge was…The University of Texas – Austin!

The UTA chapter submitted the following:
Nourish International Austin Chapter has made an amazing partnership with an outstanding business this ’11-’12 school year. We have partnered with a local food cart vendor named Naan Stop. As other chapters, we also perform Hunger Lunches throughout the year to raise money for our international projects. As many know, Hunger Lunches are weekly ventures, or events, where we sell delicious and affordable Indian food from Naan Stop to UT students and staff on campus. This is the first time we have sold Indian food, and the response has been very positive. Our chapter makes a weekly  profit of $100 just through Hunger Lunch. Since there are no close Indian food restaurants to our campus, we meet the demand of many individuals craving Indian food. However, not only do we receive $100 from just our sales, the owners of Naan Stop feel extra generous and donate about $50 every other week. Our Hunger Lunches are every Wednesday from 11:00am to 3:00pm and we have Nourish members volunteer to prepare the homemade food to our clientele. We have been so successful that most of the customers we meet are returning customers, indicating that the service we provide is very good. Many customers express that they are excited when every Wednesday comes. Throughout campus, UT students and faculty have already branded us as the “samosas sellers”. Clearly, the partnership we have had with Naan Stop this school year has been very beneficial to our Nourish chapter, UT students and staff, and of course Naan Stop themselves. Since no problems have been encountered between these parties, it has been made official that once again we will continue our partnership with Naan Stop for the next school year, and therefore generate more income for our international projects.

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