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Nourish International

Ongoing Projects

June 19, 2014 | Posted in 2014, BU, Hope, Summer Projects, Uganda | By

We have been informed that the clearing of the site will begin this week. We know that when the project begins, it’ll pick up quickly.

We have been able to work with both the younger and older students of Hope Academy these past couple of weeks. We have joined the other Nourish Chapters in visiting local schools and giving speeches to encourage pursuing an education. It has been a great experience because not only have we been able to reach out to the students, but we have also helped with moving towards a more organized means of communication.

Additionally, Kanoko and I have been able to participate in the other ongoing project. We were able to attend the delivery of the goats and visit the families who would also be receiving goats. Visiting these families was definitely eye-opening, as they  don’t have much wealth, food, or a sturdy home.


Week 2

June 5, 2014 | Posted in 2014, BU, Hope, Summer Projects, Uganda | By

The other day we were able to see where they are putting the new school building, and we hope that clearing and construction will begin soon.

While we are waiting for construction on the new school building to begin, we went to a market over the weekend where the URF was selling some of its products, especially its soap and jelly. The President of Uganda made an appearance but turned around before reaching their booth. We were able to get some souvenirs from local craftsmen at the market though so that was good.

I got a first hand experience into Uganda medical practice when I became ill yesterday morning. The staff has been very helpful and comforting though which I have much appreciated.

Apart from that, we spend most of our time going between meals; reading, watching movies, avoiding getting sunburned, playing with the younger students and talking to the older students.

We have made many trips to Masaka to a place called Plot 99, which is a little piece of Muzungu (foreigner) heaven. The cab rides are not one to which we are normally akin to, even being packed 9 people to a 5 person sedan as well as being bartered off between taxi cabs. It is quite the experience.

Thats all there is for now, hopefully the project will start soon and my illness will cure.

Time Difference

May 29, 2014 | Posted in 2014, BU, Hope, Summer Projects, Uganda | By

Its been almost one week since we have arrived in Uganda. Besides that global time difference, we have discovered a cultural time difference as well. Americans tend to hold tight to schedules and hours while we have noticed that in Uganda, the concept of time is much more lenient. When asking the time of the meeting or the day of starting work, we have become accustomed to the response of  the time or day, plus or minus an hour or a day.

We haven’t began working on the project yet, but when the project does start, it appears to be headed by local, contracted workers. To pass some of the time we have played with the kids during their breaks from class, watched a student debate, went to a church service, bottled some of the soap they sell for school funds, and made a trip to Masaka.

We have become friends with the other Nourish group here working on a project and often do things together to help pass the time while we wait for another thing to do or for the project to start.

Uganda has some very beautiful wildlife. The surrounds are that of which you would see in photos. Very lush, very green and very natural. If only we could see more wild animals. There are many animals at the compound; turkeys, a cow, goats, chickens, ducks and pigs. We are often awoken by one of the many roosters in the morning as well as the calls of some of the local birds.

We will keep you all posted!

Hope for BU and Uganda

May 22, 2014 | Posted in 2014, BU, Hope, Summer Projects, Uganda | By

The day has finally arrived. We are going to Uganda.  We will all be arriving in Entebbe come 1p.m. Saturday if everything goes according to plan.  Certainly we are all excited, but for me, this trip is a dream over 5 years in the making. Starting with my high school’s sister school in Uganda, to various other organizations I support, the ability to finally work directly with the people I have been helping from afar is a feeling that cannot be described. I could never thank Nourish enough for providing this opportunity to students. Our project in Masaka is to build a school for primary school children. Our team consists of all girls: myself and Brenda from Boston University, and Kanoko from Hope College.

In preparation for the trip we have all obtained the required documents, immunizations, and training to have a successful trip. Two of us, myself and Kanoko, have the additional benefit of having friends who live in Uganda. They have been invaluable resources for not just our comfort in going, but also in helping us prepare for the language and cultural aspects of the country. We are hoping to be able to see our friends during the trip if time and travel permits.

I would describe my excitement for this trip to the excitement experienced before bungee jumping. There is a happy, desirable aspect and another more apprehensive, slightly scared, side. You don’t know quite what to expect until you are in the situation. No amount of second hand knowledge can make that go away. I find the fear is all apart of the fun. You know it will be a once in a lifetime experience, taking that initial leap, but the ride is what you are truly waiting for.

I plan to continue posting on Thursday or Friday of each week throughout the trip, so check back then if you plan to follow along.

P.S. This is my first blog ever so I apologize if it was a little messy. I am hoping to get better as the trip progresses.

See you all from Uganda!