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Summer Institute 2013: Speakers galore!

July 23, 2013 | Posted in Nourish Office, Office Updates, Summer Institute | By

Summer Institute 2013 is just 9 days away! Nourish cannot wait to welcome 57 Nourish students from across the US as we launch into 5 days of intensive training and leadership building. The National Office also cannot wait to hear from an awe-inspiring list of speakers. Learn about a few more of the #SI2013 speakers below:


Dee BlakeDee Blake is a Nourish Board Member and the director of development at Duke HomeCare and Hospice. After earning a degree in Journalism, Marketing and Communications from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Dee worked with such esteemed organizations as UNC-Chapel Hill, Triangle United Way, YWCA of the Greater Triangle, Easter Seals UCP North Carolina and Duke HomeCare and Hospice. Dee is also deeply involved with the Association of Fundraising Professionals, having served on the Board of Directors for many years. A 2011 winner of the Women Extraordinaire Business Leader award, Dee shares that among the best lessons she has learned from her mentors are to listen before speaking, lead by example, and build consensus. At Summer Institute, Dee will be bringing her rich experiences in the business world to Monday’s Career Speed Dating session to help students with their career questions.

Matt KopacMatt Kopac is the social and environmental responsibility manager at Burt’s Bees in Durham, NC. Previously, Matt worked as the corporate responsibility manager at iContact and as a consultant for VisionSpring. Matt was a 2009 Cultural Ambassadorial Scholar for Rotary International and served for 2 years in Benin with the Peace Corps as a social enterprise development volunteer. Matt graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison with bachelor degrees in Economics, International Relations, and Political Science and then went on to get his MBA from Yale School of Management. Nourish offers a warm welcome to Matt and is happy to have him join us for Monday’s Career Speed Dating! 

Jennifer DesimoneJennifer Desimone is the inside sales manager at Feelgoodz Footwear in Raleigh, NC. Feelgoodz Footwear is a conscientious  footwear brand that works directly with cooperatives in Thailand, Vietnam and Guatemala. A StartingBloc NY 2012 Fellow, Jennifer previously worked for Representative Rosa DeLauro on her initiative to prevent acts of sexual violence against women and girls in Africa and interned with Amnesty International. Before joining Feelgoodz, Jennifer worked for the US African Development Foundation, Akilak Institute for Women and RDJ Enterprises. As an undergrad, Jennifer studied Political Science and Philosophy at Elon University. She went on to received a master’s degree in Political Science at American University, concentrating on applied politics and human rights. Students are lucky to have Jennifer joining us at Summer Institute as yet another great resource to get their questions answered during the Career Speed Dating session.

John van AalstJohn A. van Aalst is an associate professor of Surgery and the director of pediatric and craniofacial plastic surgery at UNC School of Medicine in Chapel Hill, NC. John attended Vanderbilt Unviersity Medical School to receive his MD, and he later went on to complete his residencies at Case Western Reserve University and Indiana University. Students will be interested to know that John does his research on craniofacial and cleft surgeries, as well as tissue engineering with nanotechnology and stem cells. He also holds a graduated degree of fine arts in creative writing from Dartmouth College. John has traveled and worked in Palestine, and he was lucky enough to experience Holi in India in 2012. John will be joining us for Monday’s Career Speed Dating, and that will be a great time for students to chat with John about his work around the world in the field of medicine!

Nathan AlbrightNathan Albright is a Nourish alumnus from University of Georgia. Nathan has worked at WUOG 90.5 radio station and is currently part of a film project titled Ethan & Eli, in which he plays Eli. Nathan worked to successfully crowfund the film, which was written by his sister and won second place for best short script in the Slamdance Screenplay Competition. As a Nourish student, Nathan started and grew the successful business venture Sidewalk Symphonies. Nourish thanks Nathan for his dedication to the network and for all he did to revitalize and bring his Nourish Chapter back to life. Summer Institute 2013 will be the second Institute Nathan has attended since he graduated in 2012, and we are very excited to have Nathan as a speaker this year! Students will learn from Nathan on Friday how to successfully relaunch their Chapters.

Ilyasah ShabazzIlyasah Shabazz is the communications and marketing coordinator at the Compass Center for Women and Families in Chapel Hill, NC. Nourish has an extra place in its heart for Ilyasah, who was crucial to our 2012-2013 expansion efforts as the Chapter Founders Team Lead Intern. Ilysash also worked tirelessly last summer as the Summer Institute Planning Intern to make Summer Institute 2012 a smashing success. A 2013 graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, Ilyasah received two bachelor degrees in Journalism and Mass Communication as well as African-American Studies. During her time at UNC, she served as the Black History Month Student Coordinator, as a floor captain for Tar Heel Atheletic Hospitality and as the co-president of the Public Relations Student Society of America at UNC. We cannot wait to see Ilyasah speaking at this year’s Summer Institute, and we thank her for all of her contributions to the Institute in the past. Ilyasah will be bringing her experience in PR to Nourish students in her talk on running an “Anything But Flyers” marketing campaign!


Summer Institute 2013: More brilliant speakers

July 19, 2013 | Posted in Nourish Office, Office Updates, Summer Institute | By

The countdown continues. 13 days until Summer Institute 2013 kicks off! To prepare for #SI2013, check out the bios of five more of Nourish’s truly amazing speakers below:

Picture 1Jud Bowman is a Nourish Board Member and the president and CEO of Appia. In 2008, Jud led the acquisition of PocketGear from Motricity in June 2008. Prior to this, he co-founded Motricity and was instrumental in raising $400 million of venture capital and growing Motricity to more than $100 million in annual revenues and 500 employees globally. Jud has been named one of the world’s “Top 100 Young Innovators” by MIT’s Technology Review and one of “Tech’s Best Young Entrepreneurs” by Business Week in 2007. He was also recognized as a winner of Carolina’s Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 2001. Jud is currently on leave from Stanford University, where he has been named a President’s Scholar, and he is a graduate of the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. Nourish thanks Jud for returning to Summer Institute as a Venture Competition judge!

Barbara Da Silva-Tillman is a Nourish Board Member and the HCV product safety lead at AbbVie Pharmaceuticals in Raleigh, NC. Barbara was born in Uganda and grew up in Montreal, Canada. She holds a medical degree from McGill University in Montreal with subspecialty training in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology from the University of Toronto. She came to the United States to do further training at Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston in 1996 and has remained in the US ever since. Her work has seen her involved in HIV drug development while working in the pharmaceutical industry. While doing this, she has not only gained experience in pharmaceutical trials, but expanded her knowledge in HIV and the long term complications of HIV and HIV therapeutics. Barbara continues to work in the pharmaceutical industry, now primarily focusing on the hepatitis C therapeutic area. Barbara’s interest with Nourish stems from her roots and her desire to give back. We are very excited to welcome Barbara onto the judges’ panel for Friday’s Video Competition!

Frank PhoenizFrank Phoenix is the president at the Fenwick Foundation in Chapel Hill, NC. The Fenwick Foundation supports projects that focus on the needs of children and their families in the areas of education, human services and the arts. The foundation, which works in both NC’s Triangle Area and CA’s San Francisco Bay Area, is particularly interested in supporting organizations that meet the needs of the disadvantaged and seek solutions to the root problems that block children from leading happy lives full of opportunity. Previously, Frank was the co-owner of Greenbridge Developments. Frank graduated from NC State where he studied engineering. Frank is very passionate about the environment, cross-cultural understanding, and international development. A major Nourish Fan, Frank will be speaking to students on Sunday, and we cannot wait to be inspired by what Frank has to say on how the world is actually changing for the better!

Britt Lake

Britt Lake is the director of programs at GlobalGiving in Washington D.C. At GlobalGiving, Britt manages the company’s network of amazing project leaders and leads partnerships with over 1,000 organizations around the world. Britt returned to GlobalGiving after working at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and with a variety of non-profits in Sierra Leone, South Africa, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. Britt holds a BA in International Studies from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, a Master of International Relations from the University of Cape Town (South Africa), and a Master of Public Affairs from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School. A returning speaker for Summer Institute, Britt will be leading students through a workshop on sustainability and the extreme importance of monitoring and evaluation!

David Makita

David Makita is a program assistant at the C5 Youth Foundation of Georgia in Atlanta, GA. C5 Georgia works to change the odds for high-potential teens from under-resourced environments, inspiring them to pursue personal success and preparing them for leadership roles in college, work and their communities. Through a five-year program, C5 encourages teens to be character driven, community focused, challenge ready, college bound, and committed to a better future. An alumnus of University of Georgia, David received degrees in Philosophy and Political Science. Fueled by a passion for giving others the tools they need to succeed, David will be giving an interactive talk to Nourish students about what it really looks like to train themselves and to train others!


Summer Institute 2013: Speaker Feature

July 16, 2013 | Posted in Nourish Office, Office Updates, Summer Institute | By

#SI2013 is 16 days away! The National Office cannot wait for over 60 Nourish students, 17 alumni, and 23 speakers to join us at the UNC Campus for this five-day intensive conference of workshops, panels, and speaker sessions. In the meantime, read up on some of Summer Institute 2013’s excellent speakers:

EvanAshkinEvan Ashkin is a Nourish Board Member and an associate professor of family medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill. He comes to Nourish with a life-long interest and commitment to working with underserved populations both in the US and globally. Evan teaches family medicine to medical students and residents at UNC and directs a residency training track in underserved family medicine in partnership with Piedmont Health Services. He is the lead faculty at UNC for a Health Promotion and Disease Prevention program in rural central Mexico, which also focuses on food security issues. Additionally, Evan works for AccessCare, part of Community Care of North Carolina, creating disease management programs for chronically ill Medicaid patients. He was also the founder of the Health Care for the Homeless program in Albany, N.Y. Evan received his MD from Tufts University School of Medicine and completed his family medicine residency training at the University of California at San Francisco. Nourish students will hear from Evan about recruiting and training their Project Teams and will also have the chance to learn more about his path in medicine during the Institute’s Career Speed Dating session!


Barbara Jessie Black is the executive director of the PTA Thrift Shop, which has locations in Carrboro and Chapel Hill. The PTA Thrift Shop is a major source of funding for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School District, supporting all of the district’s elementary school PTAs and virtually every club, team, music group, and other student organization in the area’s middle and high schools. Barbara is dedicated to sustainability, evident in the Thrift Shop’s commitment to the triple bottom line of people, planet, and performance. A judge in both Summer Institute 2012’s Venture Competition and last fall’s Venture Fund Competition, we are excited to welcome Barbara back as a third time Nourish judge for Saturday’s Venture Competition! 

ZachWardZach Ward is a man of many humorous hats. Zach is the owner of DSI Comedy Theater in Carrboro, NC, where he serves as executive producer, resident instructor, and comedian. In addition to all that funny business, Zach works as a corporate trainer, coach, speaker and writer at DSI Communication, also located in Carrboro. DSI Communication teaches its students to infuse their organizations with the principles of improv, to help them get past artificial behavior in meetings, memos and speaking engagements to really persuade and motivate others. A Chapel Hill native and proud graduate of UNC-CH, Zach will be working with Nourish students to improve how they tell the story of Nourish with a bit of improvisation and will also be joining us as a judge for Nourish’s first ever Video Competition!

KristinSomersKristin Somers is a Nourish Board Member and an experienced global marketing communications manager at Eaton Corporation. Eaton is a power management company that provides energy-efficient solutions for its customers using technologically innovative electrical products across a wide range of areas from lighting and wiring to hydraulics components and aerospace fuel for military use. Before joining Eaton Corporation, Kristin was the marketing communications manager at IBM for 12 years. For undergrad, Kristin attended Florida State University, where she received a BS in Marketing.  Kristin’s passions for refugee resettlement and non-profit fundraising make her a valuable source of knowledge and conversation for Nourish students at the Institute. We are very grateful that Kristin will be joining us as a judge for Nourish’s first ever Video Competition!

MollyDemarestMolly Demarest is the director of operations and community development at American Underground in Durham, NC. The American Underground, a “central station for ascending entrepreneurs,” is a space for startups, incubators, and thought leaders to come together.  Now at two locations, the Underground gives high-growth companies the flexible office space and connections necessary to reach their potential, encouraging them to network, learn, work and grow in an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Prior to joining the American Underground, Molly worked as a financial consultant and business coach for Fleet Feet Sports Franchises. In her time at Fleet Feet, Molly learned how key vulnerability and authenticity are to drawing people in to one’s story – and learned that moments when one’s human side shows through can lead to personal and professional successes. Molly has a degree in Accounting from Appalachian State University, where she also received a BS in Business Administration. Nourish is glad to have Molly as another great resource available for students and their career questions during the Career Speed Dating session.




Summer Institute 2013: Three Weeks Away

July 12, 2013 | Posted in 2013, Nourish Office, Summer Institute | By

It’s almost that time of year again!

Nourish International is gearing up for its SIXTH ANNUAL SUMMER INSTITUTE, held from August 1-5 on the UNC Campus at the FedEx Global Education Center. As the National Office moves full force forward in preparation, we could not be more excited to share a sneak peek of our plans with all of you within the Nourish Network.

This intensive five-day training conference provides students with hands-on workshops, a professional mentorship program, and an innovative business model competition.

The Institute exists to give students a structured platform to connect across the Network and share best practices on maximizing Venture profits, building strong international partnerships, and creating a successful Chapter of change-makers. By attending the Institute, students are uniquely positioned to do big things on their campuses once the school year starts up.

Nourish is proud to announce that Summer Institute 2013 will be the largest institute in our history. Over 60 students will be attending, with at least one student from each of our 45 Chapters. We are also excited to welcome 17 Alumni from across 8 universities and 21 additional speakers from fields as varied social enterprise, comedy, and law.

While each day consists of interactive workshops and speaker sessions, Nourish is hosting several social events during the evenings. On Friday, there will be the Community Networking Night, Saturday will see the Alumni Mixer, and Sunday will be host to the Banquet. (Click here for more info regarding the banquet.)

We cannot wait for Institute to begin! To tide you (and us) over, we’ll be posting about our #SI2013 speakers for the next two weeks.

(And, yup, that’s the Summer Institute 2013 hashtag, and you should use it. Share how pumped you are about #SI2013 on Facebook and Twitter!)

Our first Speaker Feature starts below:

EricGulstromEric Glustrom is the founder and Executive Director at Educate!, based in Denver, CO. A 2012 Ashoka Fellow, Eric started Educate! in high school to provide scholarships for students in Uganda after hearing from a friend in the Kyangwali settlement of Northern Uganda that the best way to help the people in his community was to “help [them] get an education.” Educate! has since transformed and now looks to change the education system itself by injecting it with entrepreneurship courses paired with intensive mentoring.  With these tactics, Eric hopes to help youth become “leaders and entrepreneurs who, with strong confidence and increased self-efficacy, take leadership initiative and participate in their communities, create small businesses and improve their livelihoods.” Eric will be starting the Institute off right by asking students “What Are You Doing Here?”

FeliciaAlexanderFelicia Alexander is a Nourish alumnus (class of 2012) and the founder of the UNM Chapter. At UNM, she double majored in Anthropology and Spanish. She currently serves as a Teach for America Corps member teaching the third grade in Houston, TX. She was featured this past year on our blog for her exceptional contributions to the Nourish Network. We are honored to have her at Institute to share her experiences as a student leader, as a Project Intern in Nicaragua, and as a change-maker dedicated to social justice.


SumitVohraSumit Vohra is a Nourish Board Member and the CEO of Lonerider Brewing Company in Raleigh, NC. He is responsible for the overall strategy, marketing, and sales functions of the brewery. Prior to working at Lonerider, Sumit was a senior consultant at Quintiles, advising pharmaceutical companies on statistically effective clinical trials, and the manager of business operations at Cisco for networking solutions. We can’t wait to hear Sumit pair up with fellow Board Member Neil Bagchi to discuss “Doing Good and Doing Well.”

2012 Summer Institute Approaching

July 25, 2012 | Posted in Nourish Office, Summer Institute | By

Nourish International is busy planning our 5th annual Summer Institute that will be held from August 2-6 on UNC Campus. The five day training conference includes workshops, mentoring and hands on training where emerging Nourish leaders learn how to raise money, contact community partners and run a successful Chapter.

The conference is designed so that Nourish students can return to their local Chapters and get the ball rolling with their plans for the coming year. This year we are hosting representatives from 24 of our 29 Chapters across the country.

The conference focuses on how to increase the profitability of Ventures, maximize Project impact, lead a team and build a membership. While each day consists of interactive workshops and visiting speaker sessions, Nourish is hosting several social events during the evenings. On Friday night there will be a Community Networking Night, Saturday will be the Alumni Mixer and Sunday will be the Banquet. (Read more about the Banquet here).

Speakers at this years institute include professors and Nourish Alumni as well as representatives from Moneythink, Activate Good, Ashoka, Global Giving, Partners in Health and many other organizations.

We are looking forward to an exciting Summer Institute this year!

A time to Celebrate: 2012 Summer Institute Banquet- August 5th

July 18, 2012 | Posted in Nourish Office, Summer Institute | By

After an amazing past year, everyone at Nourish International is incredibly excited about celebrating our success at the 2012 Summer Institute Banquet! At the Banquet, Nourish hosts a celebratory night for students, alumni, sponsors, donors and community members. Aside from socializing with everyone involved with Nourish, we take this opportunity to celebrate our achievements, publicize goals for the coming year and award the Alumnus of the Year, Board Member of the Year and Staff Member of the Year.

“It’s exciting for the students to share their experiences with Nourish and gives us all an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work everyone has put in the past year” said Event Planning Intern Marin Phoenix.

The Summer Institute Banquet will be a formal event featuring a Hunger Lunch style dinner of beans and rice, further embracing how Nourish was all started. We also expect to hear speeches from Chief Operating Officer Allie Treske, Executive Director Kelly Phoenix and Founder and CEO of Appia Jud Bowman.

The banquet will be held on August 5th from 6-8pm at the Global Education Center on the UNC Campus. We can’t wait to see everyone there! You can purchase your banquet tickets here.

Summer Institute Scholarship Drive

April 3, 2012 | Posted in Nourish Office, Office Updates, Summer Institute | By


This spring Nourish International alumni are raising funds for Summer Institute Scholarships that will go to aspiring Nourish students all over the United States!

Every year, Nourish International hosts the Summer Institute, a 5 day training conference for its emerging student leaders.  It can be expensive to make the trek to Chapel Hill, NC and we want to give the opportunity to attend to as many students as possible.  Two gracious donors have agreed to match all donations to help reach the goal of $6,000 total. Consider making a contribution through this portal–every dollar helps!

The Nourish International Summer Institute is a rigorous and rewarding 5-day conference that prepares our students for the challenges they’ll face as Chapter Members.  Through workshops, mentoring, and hands-on training, they’ll learn how to raise money, contact community partners, and run a successful Nourish Chapter on their campuses in the upcoming year.

Participation in the Institute fully enables Nourish students to hit the ground running as they begin new and exciting adventures in the following year.  Training at past Institutes has focused on how to increase the profitability of ventures, maximize your project impact, lead a team, build membership, and more.  There are also speakers and mentors throughout the Institute!

Featured Alumnus: Logan Couce

February 8, 2012 | Posted in Alumni Spotlight, Nourish Office, Summer Institute | By

Logan Couce, a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, first became curious about Nourish International when he saw students serving the weekly ‘Hunger Lunch’, UNC’s most popular Nourish business venture. After speaking with a friend who had participated in Nourish’s summer project in Latin America, Logan decided to become involved.

Logan with Sindhura Citineni, Founder of Nourish International, at Nourish’s 2011 Summer Institute

Two things about Nourish International really sparked Logan’s interest. First, the organization is totally run by the students. Students take the drivers seat in planning and implementing everything from on-campus ventures to summer projects abroad, allowing them to grow both professionally and personally. Second, is Nourish’s capacity to be self-critical within the organization. Logan says, “As an undergraduate I saw many student organizations that, while possessing the best of intentions, frequently ran full steam ahead without ever stopping to question what unintended negative impacts were possible.”  Logan feels it is important that the culture at Nourish promotes development of future leaders who have the experience and skills to think critically about the projects and their impacts.

Nourish International provided Logan with the opportunity to gain experience in developing and leading projects and organizations from the ground level up. In working through the process of taking something from idea to reality, Logan became skilled in everything from public speaking to partnership building, from writing to simply understanding how to effectively run a meeting. “The skills learned through my time with Nourish International were easily the most professionally valuable thing about my experience in college, and have served as a strong foundation in the working world,” remarked Logan.

He also had the chance to work with dozens of passionate, hard-working and like-minded people, including both fellow students and our partners abroad. Logan says of his time working with Nourish on UNC’s campus, “Lifelong bonds were formed, and those friendships and experiences played a big part in shaping who I am today.”

Logan is currently splitting his time between developing and leading online fundraising campaigns for a youth development foundation in New Mexico, researching a few potential business and social ventures, and exploring options for graduate school. He would encourage students considering working with Nourish to jump in wholeheartedly. “The opportunity exists to learn and grow an incredible amount, and the bonds built in the process will be with you for life. You won’t regret jumping in with both feet.”

Local Food at Summer Institute

August 18, 2011 | Posted in Summer Institute | By

As we look back on the Summer Institute, Nourish International would like to recognize and thank our food sponsors. This year, we strived to work with locally owned businesses, supporting our community members in these difficult times. Not only was the food delicious, but Nourish was able to continue forging strong relations with our community. Read on to learn more about our food sponsors:

Located in the eclectic town of Carrboro, Armadillo Grill is an award-winning Tex-Mex restaurant that has been operating in the Triangle area since 1993. Perhaps the secret behind their famous soft tacos is the fact that they make their tortillas after an order has been placed, not before. We enjoyed Armadillo Grill’s delicious rice and beans as the first day’s lunch, featuring a kick back to our first venture, Hunger Lunch.

We also enjoyed UNC’s Carolina Catering. From veggie wraps to Carolina Barbeque to portobello sandwiches, Carolina Catering pleased a variety of tastes.

Local coffee shop Cup A Joe provided caffeine for those Institute attendees who are not morning people.  Owned by Joe Van Gogh, a certified organic coffee roaster, Cup A Joe offers certified Fair Trade and Shade Grown coffee. We love that Joe Van Gogh strives to purchase coffee directly from farmers, maximizing the compensation for hard-working coffee growers around the world. Next time you’re shopping for your morning cup of coffee, check out their Cafe Feminino line, which supports women-owned co-ops around the world.

Elmo’s Diner is definitely the spot to go if you’re in need of comfort food. From chocolate chip pancakes and biscuits to meatloaf and burgers, Elmo’s menu covers all home-cooking favorites. Elmo’s provided delicious quiche for the Summer Institute for the second year in a row.

Jessee’s Coffee is another local coffee shop that provided coffee for the Institute. Nourish staff members are especially excited about this coffee, as they miss their near-daily visits to Jessee’s when the National Office was located in Carrboro. Jessee’s offers free live music throughout the week and also features a locally-sourced food menu that is delicious!

We are excited that Mez Contemporary Mexican catered the Summer Institute Banquet for the second year in a row. Located in Durham, NC, Mez is the latest venture of the locally owned and operated Chapel Hill Restaurant Group, which also owns the popular 411 West, Squid’s Seafood, and Spanky’s. Mez features traditional Mexican recipes with a modern, healthy twist, and uses locally grown organic products whenever possible.

Vimala’s Curry Blossom Cafe is owned by Vimala, a Bombay native and mother of three. She began cooking donation-based community dinners in her home in 1994, and it was here that her restaurant was born. Vimala’s long-term goals are to transform the local economy by buying locally produced food, seeking local investors, and paying a living wage to staff.

Many thanks to our other food donors as well:

In this difficult economic climate, we appreciate that local businesses and franchises continue to support our students and mission. Many thanks to all of these restaurants for their generous contributions!

Alumni Serving as Mentors at Summer Institute

June 30, 2011 | Posted in Alumni Spotlight, Summer Institute | By

Nourish International is committed to continuing to improve our extensive student leadership curriculum. In keeping with this, the National Office is excited to announce that alumni will be serving as mentors to current student leaders at the Summer Institute for the first time ever.

Alumni will attend Summer Institute workshops alongside students and will be able to provide instant feedback on ideas for ventures, projects, leadership, and more. This presents a unique chance for students to receive advice from past students who have gone through the same challenges they currently face as campus leaders. This also presents an opportunity for alumni to stay connected to and give back to Nourish.

Summer Institute 2010

The following alumni will be serving as mentors at the Summer Institute:

  • Alex Ahearn: former chapter leader at Duke University
  • Logan Couce: former NINO staff member and UNC chapter alumnus
  • James Dillard: former NINO staff member and UNC chapter alumnus
  • Alison Dorsey: Duke chapter alumnus and Argentina project participant
  • Joel Thomas: first executive director of Nourish and UNC chapter alumnus
  • Bryon Zandt: former NINO staff member and UNC chapter alumnus

We are excited to welcome these esteemed alumni to the Summer Institute!