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Fish, babies, and mountains. | Nourish International

July 27, 2007 | Posted in 2007, Duke, OSU, Tanzania, UNC | By

So we have an internet cafe right in our hostel so it is a lot easier for me to get on here while we are in Lushoto also why this is the first post with some pictures.

The first picture is of one of the fish ponds here in Lushoto. These fish farms are the main purpose of our visit here since they are a very sustainable project and seem to be quite successful. The one in the picture is a farm sponsored by Heifer international and the Lutheran church at a school for the mentally disabled and autistic. The pond is cared for and maintained entirely by the students and the fish are harvested and consumed at the school. Ponds such as these can be started by anyone that can dig them near a water source and the church will provide the “fingerlings” or baby fish that in a matter of 6 months will repopulate the pond and from then on be self sustainable. So far we are going to help to rehabilitate a pond for a local farmer and look into sponsoring other ponds in the area.

Since we lack the manpower to create a pond we have been spending our time volunteering at a orphanage also part of the Lutheran church, as you can see in the picture baby Steve and Amina playing in the nursery.

Lushoto as I believe I mentioned in a previous post is a mountain village and therefore provides for some incredible views the most famous being from the Irente Viewpoint which is where I am standing in the last picture. That is all for now, we will be here for the next 4 days after which we will be traveling back to Tanga/Pangani while stopping on the way in Kilimanjaro to check out some parks. Salama.

p.s. internet connections are painfully slow and the power went out on me once already so if there are no pictures rest assured there will be eventually.


  1. karl
    September 9, 2007

    I just noticed your blog (from a google search). I do a lot of work in Tanga and am interested in knowing what you are doing there. I’ve been going there for the past six years and have seen a lot of progress during that time. I wish I would have known about your chicken project. I have an interest in some women who take care of the elderly in Pongwe (just outside Tanga on the Segara road). They have a chicken project and provide eggs and chickens to these elderly people, along with vegetables and soap at least once each week. These people are left without support as their children have all died. Please let me know what you are doing in Tanga. Karl Gingrich [email protected]

    July 28, 2007 9:02 AM

  2. joel
    September 9, 2007

    Hey Tik,

    Great posts, man. I’ve enjoyed reading all of them. I’m going to include a link to the blog so more folks can read about the great experience so far.

    I am particularly interested in the quantity of chickens we have been able to provide and what they will be able to produce for each family.

    My only advice is to ask as many people about their hopes, dreams and futures while you are there.

    Everyone’s still healthy I assume? Are any of the others interested in posting as well?


    July 30, 2007 1:44 PM