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Give the Gift of Nourish: Sindhura and Tommy | Nourish International

December 15, 2012 | Posted in 2012, Nourish Office | By

The holidays are approaching and we all know what that means: scurrying to buy all the right gifts, attending holiday parties, decorating the house and did we mention buying gifts? The holidays are the perfect time to give the very special gift of Nourish to your loved ones. Contributions equip communities with the tools they need to pull themselves out of poverty and shape students into lifelong leaders of change. In spirit of the holiday season, this month we will be featuring some of the generous individuals who decided to Give the Gift of Nourish.

Meet Sindhura Citineni. Sindhura founded the original Hunger Lunch Venture on UNC-Chapel Hill’s undergraduate campus in March 2002. Sindhura led a team of passionate Hunger Lunch members to participate and win 2nd place in the Carolina Challenge business competition that then formed into the expanded version with a new name, Nourish International.  She won several awards and Fellowships associated with Nourish such as the Burch Fellowship, Robert E. Bryan Fellowship, Carolina Undergraduate Health Fellowship, Marion Dixon BSBA Scholarship, and recruited as a member into the Order of the Golden Fleece, UNC’s most prestigious honor society.  Sindhura is also the recipient of UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School’s Outstanding Young Alumni of the Year Award (2007-2008).

Read about why Sindhura and her husband Tommy Thekkekandam continue to generously support Nourish International.

“When it first began, I put in $400 of my own money to order beans, rice, and cornbread for our first test-run of Hunger Lunch at UNC.  At that lunch we sold out of food!  At our second test-lunch, I met my future husband, Tommy Thekkekandam.  Nourish has continued to introduce me to amazing experiences more and more inspiring people who joined our special movement along the way (Joel Thomas, James Dillard, Virginia Carson, Frank Pheonix, Erik Daubert, Buck Goldstein, Ryan Allis…the list goes on and there are just TOO many to name here!)  The process of building Nourish shaped who I am today and what I believe we are capable of in this world.

This is why I give. Because Nourish happened to me and changed me for the better. And now Tommy and I happily give so that Nourish’s impact can grow to as many communities and colleges as possible.

With lots of love and support,

Sindhura and Tommy Thekkekandam”

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  1. Sameer
    December 16, 2012

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    oh I wish if this nourish movement could be extended to other malnourished countries as well. Still millions of children die every year in several countries due to lack of nourishment,

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