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May 29, 2012 | Posted in 2012, Guatemala, NC State, UF | By

Hello friends :)

I hope this post finds all of you well. Today is a very special day, I don’t know why yet, but we could all feel it as we were on our way to Casa Del Alfarero this morning. So, before I begin sharing our plans for the week I would like to give you guys a recap of our weekend! So, we started the weekend at 6:30 AM on saturday, we put on our bathing suits, I put on shorts for the first time since I’ve been here, Katie C. put on her Scrub Jay hat, Katie F and Tisa wore coloful beach outfits and we were all set to go to the Pacific Ocean! So, the five of us (including Brian) crammed into a four person taxi for an hour and a half until we reached the black sands of San Juan Beach. We paid 80 quetzales ($10) to have access to Hotel Santa Maria Del Mar’s pools and with much anticipation we ran towards the shore. We expectred really cold waters but to our surprise the water was warm! What we didn’t expect was the waves to be as strong and as tall as they were. Although we were the only ones at the beach most of the time, we enjoyed each other’s company as we carelessly ran against the current and were swept towards shore with the push of a wave. After 2 hours of intense ocean swimming we moved to the pool and cooled down under the shade. Katie C, Tisa and I ended up falling asleep by the pool side after we ate left over pizza we saved from the night before. 5 hours and a sun tan later we got back on the taxi and both Katies, Tisa and I got dropped off at a Burger King where Katie’s friends (Juanjo and Anna) picked us up!

If I had to describe the Chang family in one word it would be generous. They picked us up and welcomed us into their home with open arms and heart warming smiles and we couldn’t thank them enough for their wonderful hospitality. The Changs have been katie F.’s family friends since they hosted Katie’s mom when she studied abroad here in Guatemala. They took us out for a delicious meal at Saul one of the most creatively designed restaurants I have ever seen. We all ate until we couldn’t anymore and afterwards we took a small walk around the plaza that was covered in pretty lights. We ended the night with a movie and full tummies. The next morning we got invited to a huge family gathering at La Estancia where, once again, Guatemalan generosity was present. We got warm welcomes from cousins, aunts, and uncles who were not only nice, but also hilarious! We ate at a buffet, you already know what that means…. pancakes, cheeses, fruits, breads, egg rolls, omlettes, etc. So with our stomachs fuller than ever we all drove downtown and took a walk by the market. Both Katies bought souvenirs for family members and Tisa bought a random hat she didn’t really need… once again. As we walked by the food market we learned of different Guatemalan candies, and our eyes were filled with a plethora of different colored fruits. After much walking and shopping we went back to the Chang’s and watched a movie (a.k.a. took a nap). Our weekend ended with some Italian icecream and a walk around the mall. We were absolutely stunned by how kind Katie’s friends were to us, complete strangers! It really made us love Guatemala that much more.

La familia Urrea!

So, today we’re back at Casa del Alfarero making some lesson plans, creating our business book, and figuring out some of the purchases we have to make to gift the people we are serving. So, I will leave the rest of our plans for the other girls to describe!

Until next blog post!


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