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Hellos, goodbyes, setbacks, and progress | Nourish International

July 11, 2014 | Posted in 2014, Guatemala, Summer Projects, UCLA, UCSC | By

The UCLA-UCSC team has settled in nicely in Antigua and is enjoying all that this quaint town has to offer, including a fantastic parque central, lovely people, good food, and ice cream. There seems to always be something going on so wandering the streets (safely, of course!) has become a favorite pastime among us. We learned that the mercado in Antigua is the second largest in Guatemala and we understand why – there are many sections that make getting lost within its maze quite easy.

There were some delays with having materials for our project at Sumpango delivered, but that allowed us more time to work closer with the women in the cooperative and discuss what they hope to accomplish through our partnership. We learned about some of the robberies that occurred on the property and started collaborating about ways to improve the security.


The team discusses with some of the women at the cooperative the concerns and hopes they have about the project.

Marisa’s dad, William, joined us in Guatemala last week and was a great, invaluable help in obtaining supplies and working on revamping the water collection system at the Sumpango site, as well as installing an irrigation system for the herbs that will be attached to the wire-mesh walls we installed. And, with much attribution to the tools he brought, we were able to quickly and evenly put up a blackboard on a cement wall.  Also with his help we ordered lumber for our project and purchased a chainsaw to cut the wood into the necessary-size pieces.


All hands help to stabilize the blackboard installation on a cement wall.


Lili Romero and Jeffrey Hsiao paint the plywood with blackboard paint.


William Galasso explains to and helps the team install a pump-driven irrigation system for the herbs that will be planted along the mesh wall.


Dominga thanks William Galasso for all his help on the project at Sumpango.

We had to say goodbye to Betty last Tuesday morning, as unexpected happenings in the United States required her to head back home. She is missed daily and we are constantly thinking of her. The night before her departure we were able to spend a wonderful evening together at a local bar where Jeff had secured a DJ gig for the night!

We also went to our next site in San Bartolome last week to see what supplies are there and what supplies we might need. In addition to vermicomposting, the women at the cooperative in San Bartolome raise rabbits so there are cages of adorable bunnies everywhere!

Last week, some of us went to nearby coffee and music museums at Centro Cultural la Azotea via tuk tuk (covered three-wheel motorcycles with a bench for passengers). We learned a lot about the coffee-making process and indigenous music. We also found out that the next day was St. Peter’s Day so any town in Guatemala with San Pedro in its name would be celebrating – lucky for us, San Pedro Las Huertas is a neighboring town so Paul, Anna, and Jeffrey took a camioneta (aka chicken bus) there and ate the local version of fair food and joined the via crucis procession around town. We also experienced a Guatemala BBQ for the Fourth of July, and witnessed how a fan and a fast-moving wrist can bring flame from a near-completely dead fire.


The procession in San Pedro Las Huertas stops at a shrine to give offerings and pray.

This week we have been working extremely hard finishing up construction at Sumpango. We’ve recycled plastic bottles to serve as plant containers hanging from wire mesh, built seven tables, completed the water storage and drainage system, and finished a garden for mother plants. Stay tuned for pics and construction details coming soon!

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