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Impact and Growth | Nourish International

August 10, 2012 | Posted in 2012, Guatemala, NC State, Summer Projects, UF | By





Nicol, Katie C., Tisa, and I have returned; Back to our towns, back to our jobs, back to our friends, back to our school, back to our lives. We are exposed to the same amenities that we have enjoyed for years-asphalt roads, quality public education, shopping centers, a honest police force, a government accountable for its actions, the high social mobility that comes with living in the United States. Yet the abrupt realization that these things are, indeed, amenities becomes apparent to us. Comprehending that we were born on a pedestal, and were not even aware of it until so recently. I choose the word pedestal to exaggerate the extensive advantage we have on the quest for success than almost everyone else in the world. This fact, to me, brings a burden. A burden that I welcome. A burden that I need. A burden that I will put absolutly everything that I possess into countermanding. I will not only reach my goals, I will smash them and then set new, higher, more ambitious ones. We will change lives, we will provide opportunity. There is absolutly no excuse to not work hard. That would not only be letting myself down, but the endless amount of lives that I have the power to positively affect.

All this makes me wonder why. Why? Why are there more than a billion people in the world living in extreme poverty, yet I was born into the second most wealthy county in the United States of America? We did absolutly nothing different, I am no better than them. We are equal. Did I win some type of random lottery? Was I luckier? I did nothing to earn my spot here, I do not understand why I possess it. It makes no sense to me at all… Needless to say, I am no closer to an answer. I do know that I have a responsibility, down to my core, to improve the world. I have so much power, with hard work I can be part of a growing student movement-Nourish International. Nourish International WILL have a large hand in eradicating extreme global poverty. I, as a student, am at the center of this movement.


Nicol, Katie C., Tisa and I have been shooting around emails ever since we got back. We are working harder than ever to grow Nourish International UF. We will get members. We will take advantage of our wealth of knowledge to come up with the most successful ventures. We will look to see what our campus wants and needs. We will use the money generated from these ventures to fund another project, to impact another community, to change more lives of people now, and of generations to come.

Katie Faughnan


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