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Innovative Venture Feature: UCLA Pizza Catering Service | Nourish International

January 14, 2013 | Posted in Nourish Office, Ventures | By

Welcome to 2013. Did you know that this year is our ten year anniversary of Hunger Lunch, our first ever social venture? Since our founding, Nourish Chapters have raised more than a quarter million dollars towards fighting extreme poverty around the world. In celebration of Hunger Lunch and the power of social enterprise, we will feature innovative Ventures from the Nourish network all month.

This week we will be featuring the UCLA Chapter’s Pizza Catering Service, one of the winning ideas from the 2012 Venture Fund competition.

If you’ve ever visited a college town, you know that there is a huge market for late night delivery. It’s for all of that… ahem… studying. Nourish students at UCLA decided to reach out to this group of college students by selling them pizza while they are out on the town. They have also expanded their business to include a catering service for fraternities.  Offering two price options, fraternities can either pay a larger fee to provide pizza for free to party goers or a smaller fee that requires party goers to pay for their pizza. The funds raised are used to support a future Nourish Project.  We are so proud of the creative business model that these Nourish students have implemented in their Venture and look forward to hearing about its continuing success. Way to go UCLA!

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