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July 17, 2007 | Posted in 2007, Duke, OSU, Tanzania, UNC | By

Connected once again. We finally got to our final destination on sunday night after 3 straight days of travelling. We arrived in Tanga to our much better than expected accomodations at the Inn by the Sea which is exactly how it sounds (I also lucked out and got one of the ocean front rooms). We visited the Amboni caves yesterday which are limestone caves that are extremely massive spanning miles. After that we got to business meeting with the local officials who are aiding us in selecting the families that will be recieving aid as well as helping with logistics in construction of the coups. It was a very enriching experience walking through the villages and meeting all the Mama’s (the ladies of the house) and kids along the way. It is amazing how much delight the kids get out of having their picture taken and shown to them. Tomorrow we will begin contruction for the first few families and gather supplies for the rest of the project. Now that we are somewhat settled and learning our surroundings posts should be more frequent. I also hope to get some pictures on here assuming it doesn’t take hours to upload them, I am using dial-up after all. Usiku mwema.