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Learning about Natural Medicine | Nourish International

May 12, 2014 | Posted in 2014, Guatemala, Pitt, Summer Projects | By

Today one of our volunteers, Aarti, had the opportunity to sit down and discuss natural medicine with Dr. Anabella Perez who is a doctor that treats with natural medicine. Coming from the United States, where western or conventional medicine is the primary treatment, it was interesting to see how other fields of medicine work. Dr. Anabella explained that the primary goal of her treatment is to treat the patient in a way that the patient is confident in the treatment.

She has knowledge of both conventional and natural medicine and she says that often many patients who come visit her are people who are not being able to be cured from solutions developed through conventional medicine. Natural medicine is a field where herbs from medicinal plants are used to treat the whole body and mind. It is also often used for common illnesses and as a preventative measure. Often times when the illness is more complex it is recommended to visit conventional medicine doctors for antibiotics that can directly target the specific illness. Dr. Annabella uses a treatment plan called pharmacopia, which is a diagnostic technique in which you use medicinal plants and their healing properties to treat the patient. This technique does not involve using treatment that has chemicals. She also treats with a conjunction of both western and herbal medicine, because she supports both fields and often times the two fields can work together.

For example if your head hurts and you have a fever, with natural medicine, the doctor will use the properties of different plants to treat the pain. One benefit of natural medicine is that many side effects present in western medicine are avoided. Therefore, it is not doing as much harm to your body because there are no chemicals in the tinctures used. Dr. Anabella said that when she first started out practicing medicine she went into rural areas and found that her patients were using natural medicine and Mayan medicinal knowledge passed down through the ages. She found it important to treat her patients within their culture because it was a process that the patients had confidence in.

The big mystery behind natural medicine is, whether it actually works in treating illness. While talking with Dr. Anabella Aarti learned that a lot of research is being done on the function of natural medicine and its effects, medicinal treatment has been working for years and students study the properties of the plants very thoroughly in order to have the knowledge to treat patients with natural medicine successfully.

Dr. Anabella specifically discussed diarrhea and the differences in the herbal and western treatment plans for it. She explained that many people think that diarrhea is the disease, but often it is the symptom of many illnesses which makes it hard to treat which just one antibiotic. In natural treatment she would prescribe a tea with a variety of medicinal plants to help cure the diarreah.

Our goal from this meeting is to design two new herbal teas for common illnesses. We plan to sell them to promote Mayan Traditions and Medicinal Plant remedies.Natural medicine is definitely something that should be considered seriously , because of the many benefits it has for the body.

This weekend we had the opportunity to visit the city of Antigua and we will share more about that in an upcoming post!

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