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More Summer Projects! | Nourish International

February 25, 2014 | Posted in Chapter Updates, Nourish Office, Summer Projects | By

Nourish students from our 45 chapters across the country have solidified their partnerships for Summer 2014. We seek to partner with organizations whose missions align with ours to make a lasting impact on extreme global poverty.

Over the next few weeks, we will announce all of our 27 Projects for Summer 2014!

University of Washington—The Rural Health Care Foundation

The UW chapter will partner with RHCF to construct water sources that will provide clean water access to 1500 people in Mubende District, Uganda. The Rural Health Care Foundation is an NGO that works to raise the percentage of clean safe water by at least 5% every year. With the implementation of this project 1,500 people will have access to clean and safe drinking water as well as clean water for cooking, bathing, and washing.  The access for clean water will raise the standard of health by reducing water borne illnesses.

Syracuse University—Global Health Network (U)

The Syracuse Chapter will work with the Global Health Network (U) in the Oyam District of Uganda. The Global Health Network (U) is dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving the health of all Ugandans through leadership, partnership, innovation and concerted action in Primary Health Care. The project team will conduct public health outreach in the community about sanitation and hygiene, hold organized sessions about prenatal care, and provide job skills training for women in the community. They hope to improve sanitation in the communities, generate better health among women and children, and work towards economic independence for women.


University of Florida and Davidson College—The Uganda Rural Fund

The University of Florida and Davidson College will team up to partner with the Uganda Rural Fund. The Uganda Rural Fund works to empower orphans, impoverished youth, and women to fight poverty in Uganda’s rural communities, through the implementation of educational and sustainable development opportunities. They hope to create a business education program at URF’s Hope Academy, a vocational secondary school in rural Uganda. The students at Hope Academy will be given a female goat to raise at home. They will not only be trained in effective ways to raise their goats but they will also be given some basic entrepreneurship skills so that they can run small business ventures. They will gain a source of income by either selling their baby goats or raising the baby goat to sell when it’s older. They will also help to create a vegetable garden in the community.


University of Pittsburgh—Maya Traditions

The Pitt Chapter will partner with the Maya Traditions Foundation to build an educational center to promote low-cost traditional Maya medicine. The Maya Traditions Foundation works with fourteen different healers of various specialties in ten communities in the region to promote medicinal knowledge. The overall goal of the Project is to give the Mayan community access to medicines and to promote healthy living.


Emory University—MOCHE

The Emory Chapter will work with MOCHE, an organization created to improve the quality of life of rural communities in Peru. Together, they will increase the income in the community by working at MOCHE Women’s Artisan Cooperative, a center to generate income for women who are skilled weavers and knitters, so that they can become self sufficient. They hope to improve production standards, business skills for women, create market stalls, and a heritage center.


You can learn more about all of our 2014 Projects in the Giving Challenge.

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