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New Nourish Board Members | Nourish International

July 21, 2011 | Posted in Office Updates | By

The Nourish International Board of Directors recently experienced some exciting membership changes. Though the board is sad to see student board member Pallavi Garg leave, they are excited for her as she begins law school this fall.

“Having a student board member is a great idea,” says Garg. “It introduces a key perspective to the board and the national office. Board members have the same propensity as chapters of getting bogged down in financial or logistical details during meetings. I felt that I was able to remind people to keep the big picture in mind during meetings. It also helps bridge the gap between chapters and the board, and provide feedback for the national office’s operational perspective.”

In her time with Nourish, Garg also helped create Nourish’s Alumni Committee and served as the University of Texas-Austin chapter’s volunteer director and CEO.

In keeping with the notion that Nourish is a student-led movement, the board decided to add not one, but two new student members to replace Pallavi. Kyle Forrester is a sophomore at Ohio State University majoring in business with a minor in leadership studies. Kyle led his chapter’s project to Peru in 2011 and will be serving as the human resources director for the 2011-2012 school year. He is excited to get his feet wet in the world of nonprofits and wants to facilitate inter-chapter communication so that the passions and techniques that empower Nourish members can be shared. Outside of Nourish, Kyle enjoys playing ukulele, reading, and running around outside.

Kyle Forrester

Claire Boychuck, a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is the second new student to join the board. Claire holds an IB diploma from Pearson United World College and is currently studying geography and Chinese. She is passionate about the role of images, words and rhetoric in framing poverty and development. In her first year at UNC, she founded the Nourish-FIPAH Honduras partnership, co-led student teams to Honduras in 2009 and 2010, and served on the UNC Executive Board. As part of the Nourish–FIPAH partnership, Claire co-produced a documentary film, Saving the Seed, which explores the struggles of rural farmers in Honduras to control their food supplies and livelihoods. The film highlights one organization’s pioneering model for rural community development.

Claire Boychuk

Garg is excited to see two students taking places on the board. “The expansion of this position is a great plan and I am excited to see it’s impact on chapters,” she says. “I hope the future student board members will further bridge the gap between the national structure and chapters.”

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