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Nourish is Thankful for the Rice’n Beans Club Alumni! | Nourish International

November 25, 2013 | Posted in Alumni Spotlight, Nourish Office, Office Updates | By

We love our alumni and are forever grateful for the contributions you make everyday. We are especially thankful for those members of the Rice’n Beans Club, the Alumni giving circle that gives $10 or more each month to support the Nourish Network.

This includes:

Tommy and Sindhura Thekkekandam

James Dillard

Joel Thomas

Chaz Littlejohn

Anna Marie Carr

Kaitlin Gregg

Paul Szurek

Felicia Alexander

Kassie Bryan

Tom Meehan

Alex Borgen

Alex Ahearn

John McCreary

We praise you for your amazing generosity and in this season of thankfulness would like to emphasize how grateful we are. You constantly support our organization as we work to give students the resources they need to change the world.

“I give to Nourish because I’ve seen first hand the change that students and communities can create together and I want to be a part of fostering more of that change.” – James Dillard

Click here to join the Rice’n Beans Club. 

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