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Our First Yorito Rain | Nourish International

June 6, 2009 | Posted in 2009, Honduras, Michigan, UNC | By

Yesterday we arrived at the FIPAH office at aroud 10am or so, and got to work right away. We were able to accomplish most of what we had set out to do, thanks entirely to FIPAH’s internet connection. After getting a preliminary idea of how we could be of best use to the facilitators of English classes in the communities of this municipality, we decided to develop some pronunciation guides, extended glossaries, and various activities to supplement the intruction. At about noon, we called our good friend who makes the most delicious baleadas, and said we would be dropping by to enjoy some of her delicious chocobananos (frozen bananas dipped in chocolate).

Just as thoughts of chocobananos were brewing, however, we heard the first hesitant drops of rain! It was intensely amazing hearing the fat droplets land on the tin roof, soon making a racket. We stepped outside to feel the downpour and were surprised to find that it was only sparsely raining.

I went back inside to continue working and in the meantime the storm really gained strength. The next time I looked out the door, the rainwater was actually flowing in streams across the grounds of the FIPAH office. The gutters were gushing and a whole population of ant-moth insects (not sure the proper name) had erupted from somwhere. Birds were swooping across the swarms, enjoying a feast. The gray of the sky really contrasted with the greens in FIPAH’s research plots. The air became so cool I actually felt my first goosebumps since arriving in Yorito!

Locals describe the town as ¨fresh,¨ which is extremly fitting after experiencing the weighted heat of La Ceiba. Everyone seemed glad after the rain and the usually dusty roads were temporarily dampened.

Also, in a show of unbelievable kindness, our friend had her niece bring over eight chocobananos for us all the way to the FIPAH office under umbrella cover. It was unbelievably generous of her and I can’t wait to spend more time with her (hopefully learning how to make baleadas).