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Our Leadership Development Programs | Nourish International

March 24, 2014 | Posted in Chapter Updates, Nourish Office, Office Updates | By

One of Nourish International’s core activities is leadership development. Our leadership programs provide meaningful opportunities for students to gain new skills and experiences in innovative ways and furthermore enables them to use those skills in their future success. The Nourish International runs many different programs that foster leadership development and support Chapters’ success with Ventures, Projects, and general Chapter activities. Through a variety of programs, Nourish students receive opportunities to develop their leadership skills, a chance to network with other leaders, and a platform to take action on issues they are passionate about. Our leadership programs include our Phone Mentorship program, that provides one-on-one coaching and advising; The Summer Institute, our five day leadership conference in Chapel Hill, NC; The Virtual Institute, virtual conference in which Chapters can discuss goals, their impact, and learn from one another’s successes and failures; and Chapter Visits, where Chapters apply to bring the National Office staff to their campus to run workshops, speak at events, and meet with leaders in their campus community.

In the evaluations from our leadership programs during the 12-13 year, we found marked improvement in leadership skills. We saw the largest skill development in the following areas: ability to create a work plan and timeline for tasks, ability to manage a team and delegate duties, and an understanding of Nourish’s values and how to promote these values at their Ventures. Furthermore, 97% of Chapter Leaders said that their “experience with Nourish has better prepared them for their future career.”

Promoting student leadership development not only furthers Nourish International’s impact today, through effective Ventures and Projects, but also furthers Nourish’s long term impact, as students gain valuable and practical skills and experiences that help them tackle the challenges we face as a society. When you Invest in our Future you are bridging the global leadership gap: Your gift provides leadership training, business coaching, and transformative international experiences so that our students become seasoned change-makers and global leaders. Additionally, you are training the next generation of change makers: Your gift enables us to expand to 15 new campuses and add over 200 students to our program.

Consider making a gift today to help us raise $125,000 by June 30, 2014 to continue our remarkable growth path and leverage more impact on students and communities.


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