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Preparing for our Great Adventure | Nourish International

May 22, 2014 | Posted in 2014, Peru, Summer Projects, U Dayton | By

Welcome to our first blog post!

Before we continue our journey to Peru we thought it would be a good idea to share with our friends and family what we are doing in order to prepare for our trip, go over some of our thoughts and expectations overall, and give you all some information about how our blogs will be working throughout our seven weeks in Peru. Our hopes are to have a blog posted once a week throughout the course of our trip. This may not always be possible due to the spotty internet connections in the areas where we will be working but we will try our hardest to keep everyone up to date. We might even be able to post more often than that, we just are not sure about what we will have access to during this time. In addition, some posts may be general/overall updates from the both of us and some will have both Emily and I’s positions on how our trip has gone so far. For example, this post will have both mine and Emily’s take on how preparations are going and what each of us are excited and apprehensive about for our trip.

After graduating and returning home I have been applying to jobs, as well as making sure that I have everything I will need while in Peru. This has been a bit stressful because there are certain items that will be needed that my family and I have to go out and purchase because they are not things you can just find around your house. We have made multiple trips to the store and we still do not have everything I might need. In regards to the trip itself, I am very excited to embark on this journey. I have never done something as grand as this so I am still a bit nervous since I do not know what to expect. I am also very nervous about living with a host family by myself while there. Although I have taken multiple years of spanish lessons, I am still not fluent. This aspect makes me even more scared because I fear I will not be able to communicate adequately with the family. Also, being a shy person does not help either. I have been trying to practice my spanish skills as much as I can in the hopes that I will be a little better. I may be concerned about this aspect of the trip but I know overall this will be an amazing experience and I will have my close friend Emily there with me the entire way to help me through.

Hello all – Emily here!  Thank you for following our blog and I hope you have a great time reading throughout this journey Hannah and I are about to embark on (granted we are able to post each week).  For those that know me well, I am a planner that enjoys lists, details, and organization, but I know well that going on a trip such as ours cannot be planned to the T.  (As I am writing this blog post, I have about ten sheets of paper with different lists surrounding my computer). Finally, this past senior year I began living life more spontaneously, such as a last minute (I mean 20 minutes before we left) trip to Memphis for UD’s Elite 8 game with my best of friends with no game plan.  We figured out living situations when we arrived and lived the entire weekend in the present moment.  This taught me a lot about how life is spontaneous and we cannot plan life, rather live in the present and enjoy every moment.  Additionally, for me, it represented that living each moment of life is something that will never be regretted and life cannot be limited because of our fears and plans.  I do not enjoy living life with expectations because you will be disappointed most of the time, so going into this journey I have no expectations, only excitement and a bit of nerves.  Hannah and I were just discussing the fact that there are about two weeks left until we leave and it is hitting us that this is actually happening!  This journey means the world to me because I am passionate about creating a world that I want to bring future generations into; one full of peace, love, happiness, strength, faith, and a caring humanity.   I am blessed to be able to share this journey with Hannah and I cannot wait to see what the two months in Peru has in store for us!IMG_4174

Emily and Hannah

University of Dayton Chapter

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