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Pursuing Sustainability in Our Summer Projects Model   | Nourish International

February 17, 2015 | Posted in Uncategorized | By

First and foremost, Nourish International is completely blown away by how well the Giving Challenge has done so far—our students have raised almost $40,000!! The Giving Challenge is a unique fundraising opportunity to help individual Chapters raise money to travel abroad over the summer and implement sustainable development Projects. For summer 2015, Nourish students are participating in 31 separate Projects, 18 of which are repeat partnerships.

In order for our students to gain international development and leadership skills, we partner with grassroots organizations around the world to implement sustainable Projects for six to eight weeks in local communities. Our repeat partnerships allow students to build a longer-lasting relationship (two years or more) and increase the impact made in that community exponentially as they assess the work they completed the year before and continue their impact for another summer.











Here are some impressive repeat Projects happening in South America this summer:

  • Emory, University of Kansas, and University of Wisconsin will be partnering with MOCHE to help bring health and sanitation education to communities in Peru.
  • Project Amazonas, Inc., also in Peru, will band together with our McGill and Rice Chapters to establish a medicinal plant garden and implement a health curriculum, respectively.
  • In Ecuador, Davidson and TCU will be assisting Triple Salto as they put together an organic orchard to generate food and income for a school kitchen nearby. OSU, on the other hand, will be continuing their microgreenhouse project.












Other Chapters will be working equally as hard in Africa.

  • Global Health Network Uganda (GHNU) is partnering with Syracuse again to implement a wide range of goals: building a piggery, teaching financial literacy classes, etc.
  • RASD and Columbia will construct a water tank for the city of Nikononjeru in Uganda while UGA will be working on a social entrepreneurship project marketing beads in the same city.

Of course, these are only a few of the amazing Projects that will be implemented this summer, so learn more about individual teams and their partner organizations on our Giving Challenge page. If there is a particular Project that you are passionate about supporting, please consider donating to individual team pages and help Nourish hit our $75,000 cumulative goal by February 25th!

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