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Real World Huanchaco: Days 15-19 | Nourish International

June 28, 2011 | Posted in 2011, Peru, Yale | By

Hey guys, we have experienced a bunch of super-fascinating, update-worthy happenings over the last few days. First for the good news: today, the group finished loading the last load of rock from Cerro Blanco (seriously this time… we hope). After lifting three dumptrucks worth of rock, we were ripped, rugged, and covered in dirt. The rocks were as heavy as last time.

On Saturday, we toured the Chan Chan archeological site. The site, composed of more than ten palatial compounds, was once one of the biggest Chimu cities in what is now Peru. That is, until it was conquered by the Incas in 1472 (Disclaimer: Estimate). While walking through the maze of walls and artifacts, our group experienced its first brush with the food poisoning beast.

On Friday, we ate, in Ciudad de Dios, an exorbitant feast of chicken, a potato chili mixture, corn, and … cucumbers. The cucumbers (we think) spread through our group’s intestines like wildfire and decommissioned several members for parts of Saturday and Sunday. The unaffected made sure to extra-enjoy their days off in honor of the sick. After a trip to the clinic in Trujillo and a few IVs, we are happy to report that everyone is up-and-at-‘em.

On a lighter note (‘lighter’ even though it required the heaviest labor), we are nearing the completion of a 1.1 meter (1.1 meters is approximately… a lot of inches) deep trench behind the clinic. We will build a retaining wall in the trench to protect our creation from falling rocks during the next El Nino. We were more than halfway finished with the trench on Friday morning when the architect determined the foreman had instructed us to dig in the wrong spot, so we spent the rest of the day augmenting our work.

That’s all for now. Check back later for more updates, and stay-tuned for a post about Caja Marca (hint hint).

Until Then,

Rachel and Dakota

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  1. Jim and Bonnie Meyers
    June 29, 2011

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    Great to hear everyone is O.K. We will pack up some Kansas cucumbers and send them your way. (Just kidding) Keep up the good work and keep having fun.
    Jim and Bonnie Meyers

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