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Real World: Huanchaco, Days 7-14 | Nourish International

June 22, 2011 | Posted in 2011, Peru, Yale | By

Hey everybody! It’s been quite a while since our last post, so we’re here to fill you in on what’s happened. During the beginning of last week, our group finished hauling rocks at Cerro Leon, a remote desert area surrounded by craggy mountains This was done in several ways. Some of us who wanted to flex our muscles decided to carry large rocks directly to the truck. Others created an assembly line to move the rocks. However, we were all humbled by the strength of the local community members, who easily hoisted large rocks upon their shoulders   After several more days of grueling rock lifting in Cerro Leon our group focused its efforts on digging trenches for the clinic’s foundation in Bello Horizonte. As easy as this may sound, do not be misled. The Peruvian ground is as cruel as it is beautiful. Every other shovel full of dirt was met with a gigantic boulder and took a minimum of twenty minutes to remove. After much effort, we succeeded in digging trenches suitable for a rock and cement base.

Meanwhile, some of us went to local schools in Menecucho and Ciudad de Dios (nearby towns in the Moche Valley) to teach kids in grades K through 6. During the hour spent each day with the children, volunteers taught everything from the english alphabet to personal hygiene techniques. It was a treat to see how enthusiastic the kids were upon our arrival, although they often tested our patience in the classroom. Spending time with them has shown us just how eager they are to learn – the room buzzes with excitement when we walk through the door, and nearly all of the kids volunteer for any activity. We are excited to continue working with the kids both inside and outside the classroom

Other cool news: yesterday professor Billman took us on a tour of the Hauca de la Luna, the biggest Moche site in Peru and probably the third most visited site in the country (after Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines). It is an astonishingly huge temple mound in the middle of the desert, made of over 40 million adobe bricks and dating back to around 400 AD. It was restored very recently, and enormous murals (still with original bright colors) depicting a fierce, bloodthirsty deity have been unearthed. The craziest part about the Huaca is that over ninety brutally mutilated bodies have been found beneath a certain platform. This means that the Huaca was a center of mass human sacrifice. The Moche power center clearly liked to make an impression on its subjects!

Tuesday saw the arrival of more Nourish volunteers. A group from Ohio State University is here and ready to work! Although they have only been here for two  days, they are embracing Peruvian life. With them here, our project will move at full speed.


Breanna and David

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