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Safari!! Then Back to Work | Nourish International

August 3, 2007 | Posted in 2007, Duke, OSU, Tanzania, UNC | By

Safari in Manyara was incredible elephants so close you could spit on them, not that any one would or should but they were really close. Also as some of you have noticed there are no pictures up and there will not be until I have access to something better than dial-up because it took literally more than an hour to even attempt to load 3 pictures. We will be going to Pangani tommorow to start work on our final project as well as the final chicken coup. We are all really excited about this project because the villagers their came up with the idea on their own and seem really motivated. Also they are willing to have a communal coup which is generally the best way to go to reduce costs of vaccinations and heating etc. which was big cost for all of the individual coups in the village in Tanga, called Mogombo I believe.

I am running out of time so I will wrap it up, the next time I post will probably be my last post from Tanzania and it will also hopefully have an update on the coups we have built as well as the the project in Pangani, take care and Ulale Salama.