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Solidarity! (On a Volcano) | Nourish International

July 23, 2013 | Posted in 2013, Cornell, Nicaragua, Summer Projects, UPenn | By

Moving in on week 3 of Cornell-UPenn in Nicaragua and our third work week is in full swing. No one can believe how fast time has been passing and 2 students from the University of Southern Florida have been added to the adventure!

Our partner organization, ATRAVES, has a strong foundation in the importance of solidarity as a community value. Your problems are my problems. The problems of the world are each of our problems. Etc.

Our volunteer coordinator and site cheerleader, Corey, based our last reflection off of the idea of solidarity. How we see it in our daily lives, how it applies to the work we are doing in Camilo, and most importantly how it can change and empower communities for the better.

I have been thinking about how closely this aligns to the work that Nourish accomplishes all over the world and really valuing the sense of solidarity I feel amongst our student group as well as within the community. Everyday we work in small teams in daily tasks such as electrical construction, gardening, teaching and planning. But behind all of this execution is a whole lot of team effort and sacrifice, whether that manifests in terms of time, work, sleep or personal preference, it is a sacrifice nonetheless. And it is valued by everyone involved because it allows us to contribute more to the community as a strong united front.

Reflecting on how solidarity has helped our group become closer and stronger, we set off to trek a volcano this past weekend. And let me tell you, solidarity has amazing effects. Especially when my loyal compadre, Jaime, refused to leave my side as I held up the back of the pack on our 4-5 hour hike up the volcano. Although the trek was difficult and some struggled along the way (i.e. me) everyone was incredibly encouraging and positive with one another. When we finally reached our campsite and climbed to the crater, we could not have been more proud of each other and it definitely made the long journey more than worth it.


Jean, UPenn Chapter Leader, and I the morning after camping on the volcano.


Olivia and I (Cornell) very excited to be watching the sunrise :)

Cornell-UPenn-USF is stronger and better than ever, ready to show the power of solidarity this week as we continue executing our plans!


The whole shibang (+ one of our amazing Sonati tour guides) before leaving our beloved volcano and beginning the journey down.

Christina G

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