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Summer Project Spotlight: Computer Literacy in Honduras | Nourish International

August 19, 2011 | Posted in Summer Projects | By

Facebook, e-mail, Twitter, Google, blogs, instant messaging, Skype, chat rooms, discussion boards…the average American youth has so many methods of communication all available at the click of a mouse. These outlets give youth access to a vast array of information and allow them to connect to their peers and world in new ways.

In many developing countries, the Internet is still a new concept. Can you imagine how hard your life would be without the Internet? How would you search for a job? How would you keep in touch with friends and family? How would you find a recipe for dinner? The Internet gives humans access to so many resources that improve quality of life, yet many people do not have access to the Internet and do not know how to use it.

This summer, the UNC Nourish chapter and two students from Yale and Brown Universities teamed up with nonprofit FIPAH to bridge the communication and information gap between developed and developing countries. The project team taught English, computer skills, and Internet literacy to Honduran youth in the Yorito and Jesus de Otoro regions of Honduras. The team also taught the youth about photography to further facilitate connections between the youth, their communities, and the wider world.


This is UNC’s fourth consecutive summer working with FIPAH, or the Fundacion para la Investigacion Participativa de Agricultores de Honduras. “Nourish UNC’s longstanding, fruitful partnership with FIPAH models the kind of mutually beneficial exchange our chapter seeks to build in our relationships with every partner organization,” says one project member. “We keep sending teams to Honduras because FIPAH never fails to propose compelling projects and our interns return to the US every year raving about their experience.”

One UNC student has continued to work with FIPAH outside of Nourish. Rising senior Claire Kane, who established Nourish’s FIPAH partnership in 2008, returned a second time to film a documentary about the organization.

This year’s project team has returned from Honduras, and you can read about their experiences on their blog by clicking here.

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