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Thankful for our Alumni | Nourish International

November 9, 2012 | Posted in Alumni Spotlight, Nourish Office | By

Last month, we learned about some of the scary truths that people living in extreme poverty face every day. Whether it is a lack of clean water, food or shelter, issues like these remind us to be thankful of what we have and also motivate us to make an impact in the world. Those involved in Nourish have proven that they just can’t turn a blind eye to some of these frightening statistics.

With Thanksgiving coming up, we want to dedicate this month to those individuals and groups that we are thankful for: our partner organizations, students, alumni, supporters, board of directors and National Office team. We also want this series to be interactive. Nourish community, please comment on blog posts and give your thanks for the different members of the Nourish community!

This week we would like to thank our Alumni. These individuals continue to contribute back to our Chapters, current students and the Nourish movement. Their commitment to the Nourish community shines through at the Summer Institute every year, with 15+ Alumni mentors volunteering their time and bonding with current student leaders. Their support for the movement is evident through their financial support, whether it’s through the Rice’n’Beans giving circle or by hosting a Hunger Lunch with their friends. Their dedication is embodied by the Alumni Committee, a group of five alumni leaders who volunteer their time to lead the alumni community in supporting the movement.

We thank these individuals for their continued commitment to Nourish International. Students and general Nourish community, feel free to comment and say thank you to the Alumni Community!

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