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The 2014 Virtual Institute: A Great Success | Nourish International

March 4, 2014 | Posted in Chapter Updates, Nourish Office, Office Updates | By

Nourish International Virtual Institute convenes over 180 student social entrepreneurs from 24 college campuses to enact social change.


On January 25, 2014 from  12 pm- 6 pm, Nourish hosted its second annual virtual conference with 24 college Chapters of the Nourish International Network entirely online.

The Virtual Institute is an opportunity for students across the Nourish network to come together, connect with each other, learn from each other and participate in valuable workshops to further our impact on extreme poverty and on student leaders. The Virtual Institute is a unique conference program in the field of student led social entrepreneurship and international development. This aspect of Nourish International’s virtual mentorship builds a stronger movement

The 2014 Virtual Institute was a huge success. In a survey sent out to participants, 95% of respondents said that after the Virtual Institute they felt connected to and supported by others seeking to change the world.  Additionally, 86% of respondents said the Virtual Institute helped to prepare them to run sustainable and responsible development projects, and 77% of respondents said the Institute helped prepare them to run ethical and profitable ventures. Based on our research, there are no other student organizations in our field that are running a Virtual Institute. This is an innovative idea that is helping to further student leaders across the country.


Nourish is thrilled to be on the front line of innovations in virtual organizing and virtual training. To support Nourish’s high impact virtual programs, like the Virtual Institute, you can donate here.

Why Entrepreneurial Education and Virtual Training for Student Entrepreneurs

  • Entrepreneurial education is crucial to preparing the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Gallup studies show seven out of 10 high school students want to start their own companies.
  • According to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, in 1970 only 16 business schools in the U.S. offered entrepreneurship classes. Driven by the desires of today’s young talent, today more than 2,000 colleges and universities offer entrepreneurship courses.[1]
  • There is a need for entrepreneurial education. Universities are responding by adding more classes, but classes only go so far.
  • Nourish gives students the opportunity to take their classroom lessons out in the real world and get the hands-on experience.
  • As of February 2013, 43 states had cut their budgets for higher education.[2]
  • As universities continue to cut their funding, programs like Nourish become more crucial so that our students learn the skills they need.




[1] McCarty, Christine  “First Online Community to Connect Start-ups and Interns Launches Pilot Program in California” May 14, 2010.  YouTern.

[2]   Johnson, Nicolas, Phil Oliff and Erica Williams “An Update on State Budget Cuts Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. February 9, 2011. <>

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