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May 31, 2013 | Posted in 2013, Dominican Republic, Summer Projects, UF | By

Our Dominican adventure is coming to a close and I could not be prouder of our group and what we have accomplished since we have been here. This week we finished our computer course with the advanced class which included Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Their final projects, featuring elements of all these programs, our almost complete and this Friday we will have a little graduation party for them which is really exciting. The beginners just finished making their professional resumes and learned PowerPoint. Some of them even gave their first presentations. It was really awesome to see our students put what they have learned to use. Our team has also finished making a 50 page complete Microsoft Office Tutorial in Spanish which we intend to leave to our students and a Mother’s Wish Foundation so that they can continue to teach others computer literacy once we are gone. It is also our hope that this book can be used on future Nourish projects as a guide to teaching computer literacy in the third world.

What’s more, we have almost completely finished our business training. The managers are now trained in Microsoft Excel for business use and things in the kitchen are running very smoothly. This past weekend, Sabrozzi sold many of their baked goods to local colmados in the area. This Monday they came to the center and were baking away for the many orders they received over the Mother’s day weekend! It’s truly inspiring to see the members of the business take such an initiative and gain recognition for it throughout their local community. We also recently went on our final shopping venture for the bakery. We purchased a fridge, baking equipment, baking pans, and enough ingredients to make many recipes. So, with a fully stocked kitchen and newly trained managers/kitchen staff our team has done everything we can to set Sabrozzi up for success.

While the members of Sabrozzi were out marketing their products, our Nourish team decided to embark on a cross country adventure across the island. We left early Friday morning and spent the day in the nation’s capital, Santo Domingo. While we were there we visited the very first Catholic Church in the Western Hemisphere. It was the most breath taking church I have ever been in. The history and architectural detail was truly breath taking. What made it even cooler is that Christopher Columbus’ body was buried right underneath! We also visited the national palace, the seed of the Dominican government and saw remnants of the old fort right on the beach. We had a little taste America at the Hard Rock Café and enjoyed a walk through the city’s colonial center. The next morning we awoke to journey to the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my life in Punta Cana, located in the horn of the island. The water was truly breath taking, and the culture completely different from any other part of the island. It was truly awesome experience I’m sure no one in our group will forget.

As our last week here comes to an end, we are just finishing up some final training with the business and celebrating the end of a very successful trip to the Dominican Republic. Until next post, Hasta Luego!


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