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To the market | Nourish International

January 26, 2012 | Posted in 2009, Guatemala, UCLA, UT Austin | By

SAN AUGUSTIN– Today was our second day at the market with our wonderful group of women. I have to say, if you think selling shampoos and disinfectants is an easy task– try it for yourself. Amidst the heat and crowded areas, we split into 4 groups to sell as much as possible. We did pretty well and were able to sell out of the lavender disinfectants. The only thing that I am worried about is if the women will be as energetic about selling once we leave.

Working on the labels and logo is well, how should I put it, rather interesting. Ashley and I are rather, well, illiterate in Photoshop. Sarita did help us with the logo though and I think it looks rather nice. We´re hoping to take it into a print shop tomorrow to get the price quote and image finalized.

On another note, we have become regulars at this restaurant called `Ta Contento (it is short for esta contento), and we met the owner the other night– who we learned was the governor of the city. He paid for our round of drinks and when we returned the following night, he greeted us and introduced us to his family. The waiter at the restaurant has the hots for Lidia, he tried several times, how do you put it, to spit some game at her. He offered to take us out over the weekend and even brought us over some free pastries. Unfortunately, his efforts were sin exito (without success) because Lidia proceeded to reject him and it wasn´t a pretty site, initially.

When he offered to take us out to the aquarium on his day off, Lidia responded with something like, ¨tenemos muchos parques en los estados unidos y no queremos gastar el dia adentro, gracias¨– This translates to we have plenty of parks in the US and we don´t want to WASTE our day inside, thank you. I told Lidia that it came out super wrong and she explained herself to him. That´s when he brought us from free cake. I guess he likes it when his girls are hard to get. Hope Lidia doesn´t kick my butt when she sees that I wrote about it. I´ll keep you updated on the brewing romance. Guess that´s all for now.