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Today was beautiful in Guatemala. Every day is beautiful here. | Nourish International

January 26, 2012 | Posted in 2009, Guatemala, UCLA, UT Austin | By

We are listening to a reggae-infused spanish ballad, Sigue bailando mi amor, by El Rookie, in the internet cafe in El Progresso, Guatemala. It is beautiful just like the days here. We spent the day working with the less developed cooperative of women in El Jicaro, reviewing their accounting procedures, scribbling furious notes, translating, and envisioning a method that will allow them to see their profits after buying supplies and selling product each month. We sampled the Savila (Aloe Vera) shampoo last night and purchased Manzanilla to try today. The women advised certain flavors are intended for certain types of hair–Steven and I fit Manzanilla by virtue of our light brunette locks–and they swear certain flavors have amazing health benefits, like the shampoo that regrew a local woman´s hair after chemotherapy treatment. We plan to further research these healing properties, although through my own research thus far I have found that the plants with which they infuse their shampoos all treat physical ailments and the benefits of natural ingredients are revered in these regions…since discovering this and considering our marketing tactics in this light, I have begun to notice advertisements for ¨natural¨ingredients in sodas and juices everywhere. In spite of this appreciation for natural products, bright colored goods infused with colorante  are popular in the markets, at least in part because they evoke the luxury of imported products. This response has come up every time I have questioned one of our native guides. Unfortunately, plastic-intense packaging for products is also what sells, which coupled with the lack of trash disposal services is harming the beautiful environment here.