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“Trapped in Paradise” | Nourish International

January 26, 2012 | Posted in 2009, Ecuador, Stanford, UC-Davis | By

Trapped in Paradise

Prose inspired by la Cascada de Peguche, Otavalo

Standing in the mouth

of river sculpted hollows

We watch the outpouring

of momentous froth;

A tongue of unrelenting roar

Pounding and pounding to form

ripples upon the cavern floor

And drips of saliva mist along

the moist, padded walls of moss.

We are at the mercy of nature’s

will and wonder, power and grace

We are at the hands of her care

and the hospitality of her

Humble abode’s dreams and dangers alike.

We are small, powerless;

We are nothing in comparison to

this grand mouth within which we are enclosed

To be consumed, mesmerized, and entranced

while consuming, with each and every

one of the senses wide awake

No one with a human heart

could resist being partially consumed

Stretched to bit of bias before this

impeccable performance—

To see the mystical and precious power that

the passivity of nature provides

And the grace of which none can deny.

We are Jonas trapped within

the mouth of the whale

Much bigger and grander and

more forgiving than us,

 this mouthful of wonder

shows us both beauty benevolent

and the price of bounties burned.