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Updates from the Venture Fund Winners | Nourish International

January 22, 2014 | Posted in Chapter Updates, Ventures | By

With the start of the New Year we’d like to highlight the success of some of our amazing Venture Fund winners. Each year the Nourish National Office teams up with StartUp Cup to run a business competition model. The winners of this competition receive an investment to expand their small business Ventures or to create entirely new business Ventures. Today we’d like to feature the Claremont and OSU Chapters for their inspiring progress and admirable accomplishments through the Venture Fund.

The Claremont Chapter applied to expand their weekly “Café Nourish.” Every Sunday night from 8pm-12am, the café sells delicious foods donated by local businesses, has live entertainment, and creates a central location where students can come to study or hangout with friends. With the Venture Fund investment the Claremont Chapter will expand their café to start selling fresh fruit smoothies and Boba tea.

Claremont Cafe Nourish

Cafe Nourish at the Claremont Colleges

With the investment they received through the Venture Fund, Café Nourish has become a reliable location for fresh fruit smoothies and Boba tea and have even more ideas to boost their business and make more money. They plan to start taking their business to dorms every Friday between 7-9pm to give students the incentive to come out to their present location.

The Ohio State University Chapter received an investment to scale their Fair Trade Jewelry sale venture. They purchase handmade jewelry from a grassroots organization in Uganda and sell the jewelry on campus. With the Venture Fund investment, the Chapter will purchase a Columbus vendor license to sell downtown and market their product to friends and family living outside of Columbus.

Ohio State seemed to be just as successful as Claremont with their endeavors. They received about $350 in seed capital and with these funds they were able to buy their jewelry from the original vendor instead of using their own funds. Although they have faced challenges in finding a decent spot to sell their jewelry, they are constructing a schedule of dates and locations that will give them a profit on a semi-regular basis. We commend Ohio State for accomplishing so much in these past couple of months and are excited to see how much they will accomplish in the future.

We are so excited by the progress of these two Venture Fund winners so far and we cannot wait to see all that they will accomplish by the end of this year.

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