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Vallecillo crew in Yorito | Nourish International

July 1, 2009 | Posted in 2009, Honduras, Michigan, UNC | By

Hola todos! Greetings from Yorito. The crew from Vallecillo is here,
and needless to say, this has been quite an eventful past few days. We
have been gaining bits and pieces of information about the military
coup from the internet, FIPAH staff, and other community members, and
it appears that the situation is relatively peaceful, at least for
right now. Thankfully, life in Yorito has remained practically
unaltered. We continue to give English and computer classes in the
different communities, and as always, they are so much fun. The kids
we teach are all so friendly and eager to learn – its inspiring to
see. While we work within the set curriculum, we try to supplement the
material with art, theater, and poetry, and we even hope to put on a
theatrical production within the next month!
Today was especially exciting. In the central park in town, FIPAH
hosted a Feria de Semillas with youth CIALS from at least six
different communities.  It was great to see the young members of the
community come together with all their different varieties of seeds,
fruits, vegetables, and other kinds of plants. Seeing the work of the
youth CIALS on display really demonstrated their collective efforts to
become stewards of biodiversity and sustainability, as well as
pioneers of their own futures as successful farmers.
The Feria de Semillas took place on the same day as the Feria de San
Pedro, which is the local annual festival. There was a show of
cowboys, dancing, food, and music, and we all enjoyed the opportunity
to take part in the local culture.
Well, that’s all for now!

Hasta pronto,