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Venture Fund Results | Nourish International

October 14, 2013 | Posted in Chapter Updates, Nourish Office, Ventures | By

Every fall Nourish runs the Venture Fund Program. In partnership with Start-Up Cup, we run a business model competition. We encourage our chapters to apply for an investment from the National Office to expand their businesses or create entirely new business ventures. The first round is a written application detailing how the Venture will be successful, the execution strategy, and how the Chapter will use resources. Chapters that move on to the second round pitch their Venture to a panel of judges. Today we’d like to recognize the winners of the 2013 Venture Fund: the Claremont Colleges, Emory University, Davidson College, Virginia Tech University, Vanderbilt University, and Ohio State University. Read on to learn more about these winning Ventures.

The Claremont Chapter applied to expand their weekly “Café Nourish.” Every Sunday night from 8pm-12am, the cafe sells delicious foods donated by local businesses, has live entertainment, and creates a central location where students can come to study or hangout with friends. With the Venture Fund investment the Claremont Chapter will expand their café to start selling fresh fruit smoothies and Boba tea.

Emory College applied for seed funding for a new Venture: selling mock cocktails at large scale social events. Because alcoholic beverages are not allowed at many on-campus functions, they thought a nice Mango Blast or a Sweet Tea Spritzer would do the trick. They plan to work with on campus organizations, such as the College Council, the Emory Chinese Student Organization, and the fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. Chapter Leader Charlotte Zhang says they will “sell the classy experience to the Emory Community,”

Davidson College received funding to launch a business selling customized hairbands that double as bracelets to students on campus in this Venture called “Banded Together Against Poverty.” Davidson Nourish will sell customized bands at the Eating Houses on campus, athletic events, and hopefully soon at the school store.

Virginia Tech and Vanderbilt each applied for supplies to launch their Venture: Coolers for a Cause. Both schools have a campus tradition where young women provide a custom painted cooler to their Fraternity brother dates during the spring formal weekend. Virginia Tech and Vanderbilt will recycle old coolers, sand and prime them, and resell them to young women on campus.

The Ohio State University received an investment to scale their Fair Trade Jewelry sale Venture. They purchase handmade jewelry from a grassroots organization in Uganda and sell the jewelry on campus. With the Venture Fund investment, the Chapter will purchase a Columbus vendor license to sell downtown and market their product to friends and family living outside of Columbus.

We are so impressed by all of the applications for the 2013 Venture Fund. We can’t wait to see all that these Chapters accomplish as they launch and expand these Ventures.

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