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June 29, 2014 | Posted in 2014, Cameroon, Claremont, Summer Projects | By

WAYCIMA From Cameroon!
Based on that little snippet of anglo pigeon (Translation: Good Afternoon) you may think we have become masters of the local speak here in Fundong, Cameroon. Alas, we have only mastered the greetings for morning, afternoon, and night, but rest assured, we are all quickly learning. Hilary, our local guide, friend, and all around savior; has assured us we are off to a promising start. At least, that’s how I’m going to translate his chortles of laughter.

Hilary is only one of the amazing people we have met since arriving here 8 days ago. Since arrival, we have been treated with the utmost hospitality and kindness. The major of Fundong and the director of BFF have welcomed us into their homes and families with infinitely expanding arms. Everyone’s arms here seem to be infinitely expanding, all seemingly Elastic Girl superheroes of love. Already, we are a part of the Cameroonian family, as they are a part of ours.

Due to our American grown immune system, we suffered some weariness this week and were forced to postpone the water project a couple days. It will go on as planned starting tomorrow, June 30th. But our bodies are now bustling with antibiotics and Jon (The Peace Corps volunteer for BFF, and all-around MVP)’s homemade chili and mashed potatoes and we are all now healthier than a Triple Crown winning racing horse. Yee-haw.

Our little Nourish family is also again reunited; Kacey worked the passport system with Herculean strength and arrived on Thursday. With all hands aboard, we anticipate near perfect winds in what remains of our seven-week journey.

Coming at you with Peace&Love&A Firm But Loving Handshake,
Kalie, Sameen, Cat, Kacey, Elliot, Alec, Blair, and Chrisi.

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  1. Remi
    July 1, 2014

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    So wonderful to hear from you all!!! Have had you in my heart and prayers. Keep posting updates and stay well!

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