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WE MADE IT!!!!!! | Nourish International

May 7, 2013 | Posted in 2013, Guatemala, IU, Summer Projects, UTK | By

Hola todos! (Hello all!)

We arrived in Guatemala City around 11:30 am their time.  Which is on Mountain time for those of you that don’t know.  This is two hours behind our normal Indiana time.  We survived customs without being searched and all our bags arrived with us!  This is a great way to start off our trip.  Laura, our contact here at UPAVIM, picked us up form the airport in a taxi.  With all our luggage we had two seats left and 4 people….it was very cozy.  We had to sit on laps and squeeze in tight.  As we were driving through the city to our destination, it was felt like we were watching a movie, but we were the actors.  This is totally new ground for all of us so it was very surreal.  We got to the school about a half hour drive later and met all the volunteers that we will be working with while we are here.  We were introduced to our room which has three beds, some dressers and some plants.  Our rooms are on the roof and we have a little garden outside our room next to the clothes lines.

After we got ourselves acquainted with our surroundings, we traveled by bus to the local supermarket.  The buses are free here so everyone has access to them and they can pack them pretty tight.  Luckily for us, ours was not that packed.  First things first, we had to exchange our money for their local currency, Quetzales.  Then we headed to the supermarket, which much to our surprise was not much different than our local ones at home.  With a little guidance and translation from one of our UPAVIM volunteers, Mariah, we were able to successfully purchase some basic necessities.  Upon our arrival back to UPAVIM, we had black bean chili that was prepared by one of the other volunteers.  During dinner we discussed what our roles will be while we are here.

As of now, Colt will be working in the “Raforest”, where he will be helping tutor and provide supplemental learning to kids ages K-6th grade.  Most of these students are from other local schools and attend this free program after they get out of their school.  Carli will be helping the English program for kids in grade 1st-6th.  In the mornings, they work on reading and in the afternoon they focus on conversational English.  I, Mykala, will be working with the Preschool and Kindergarten kids.  We will be working on jump starting their English language skills.

Tomorrow morning we will be starting our first real day here and so excited to be immersed in the school and their daily routine.  We look forward to sharing our first day experiences with you sometime soon!

Buenos Noche! (Good Night!)


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