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Week 2 in Peru: EMERSON IS HERE! | Nourish International

August 6, 2014 | Posted in 2014, Peru, Rice, Summer Projects | By

On Monday at school, we tried Peruvian “ice-pops”. They look like ice pops, but taste a lot creamier (though there are also non-creamy kinds that we haven’t tried yet). The coconut flavor was full of little coconut pieces and was amazing, especially with the hot weather.

Yummy curichi.

Yummy curichi.

We also had someone else join us this week! Her name is Kate, and she’s a med student from Britain who is doing her elective with Project Amazonas. She just finished a medical expedition on one of PA’s larger boats, and will be staying with us until we leave. She’s staying for a bit longer and going on another boat trip – I don’t know if I would be able to stay here that long!

The whole crew, Kate is the 2nd person in line.

The whole crew, Kate is the 2nd person in line.

The day after Kate came, the boys had a visitor in their hut: a giant spider that we named Ivy (she looked terrifying and poisonous, so…poison ivy?). She was our entertainment for the night, as she ended up murdering 3 butterflies and making them a 3-course meal. Now that’s something you’ll only see in the Amazon.

We were waiting all week for Emerson, the constructor who is supposed to help us, to arrive but he was nowhere to be seen…until Friday! We were all so excited because now we have all our supplies and we can start working on our latrine-repair project. So far we’ve been playing games with the kids at recess (Pato Pato Ganzo, or Duck Duck Goose, is crazy tiring because all the kids are fast and the sun is so intense).

Once he got here, we were able to clean out the bathrooms so we can paint them. The boys’ bathroom had been full of bats so there were bat droppings and twigs everywhere. Emerson told Nick that the twigs are actually fruit tree branches, and that the bats eat the fruit. Anyways, next week we’ll finally be able to paint and we’re all very excited!


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