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Week 3 in Peru: Paintin’ Partay | Nourish International

August 6, 2014 | Posted in 2014, Peru, Rice, Summer Projects | By

It’s the end of the third week of our trip, and things are a lot calmer than they were the first few days. The hike is a lot easier now and there have been significantly less giant spiders/tarantulas in our huts recently. Rain kept us from working on Monday, which was a bit disappointing, as we were all really excited to start painting. It was nice to have another day of relaxation and sleeping in, though. On Tuesday, we had to head down to the school with a smaller group than usual, as a few of the girls seemed to have gotten food poisoning from our trip to Mazan over the weekend. I (Michael) haven’t gotten sick out here yet, so I’m hoping my luck continues!

Having fewer numbers than usual worked out, however, as when we met Emerson at the school and started painting, we had just enough brushes for the group that came. Painting was a really interesting process. We started by mixing the paint with glue and water until it was “ready”. I couldn’t really tell what made it “ready”, but Emerson was there to let us know when it was good. Next, we had to sand down the walls of the bathroom to clean off clung-on dirt and make the surface tacky for putting on the paint. Scratching the spiderwebs and bat droppings from the wall wasn’t the most glamourous of work, but we got through it pretty quickly. Then we finally got to paint! We went with a light blue for the boy’s bathroom, with a light green trim around the top of the room. Painting was a blast, and we played some music in the background to get into the zone, so it was basically like a mini painting party! We were able to get through several coats of the walls in one day, and when we came the next day, the room looked fantastic. With the whole group healthy again, by the end of the work week we had finished the boy’s bathroom, painted the wall outside the bathrooms green, and started on the yellow for the girl’s bathroom. The plumbing the bathrooms was also working without leaking now!

Boy's bathroom - Before!

Boy’s bathroom – Before!

Boy's bathroom - After!

Boy’s bathroom – After!

All the paintttt.

All the paintttt.

After a solid week of working, we actually got two chances to head into town. We went to Mazan on Saturday for internet and food, heading to Pez Blanco again, where we got a full menu this time around. We also found out they had spaghetti as a side, which literally everyone at the table ordered. The internet didn’t work out, as the laptop we were going to use died and couldn’t be charged, so we just enjoyed our meal and then headed back to the field site. On Sunday, the guys headed back into town to catch the world cup final. This was great as we had heard of Germany’s trouncing of Brazil a few days earlier and were dying to see some soccer. We came back to Pez Blanco, which had basically become our home base, and got good seats for the game. We accidentally got there a bit early (about 4 hours before the game), but it gave us time to use the internet and relax. The game was great, although a bit disappointing as almost everyone in Mazan was supporting Argentina. Still, the game was a highlight and a great way to wrap up another productive week in the Amazon.


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