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Week 4 | Nourish International

June 25, 2014 | Posted in 2014, Summer Projects, Syracuse, Uganda, Uncategorized | By

We’re on to our 4th week here in the Oyam District. I finally feel that I have adjusted to living here and all the customs (such as “Africa Time”). So far this week I have worked on building the pit latrine for Leah’s family. Leah is a beautiful baby girl who was born blind. The latrine that her family has been using is not suitable for her and her sister (who is also handicapped). While building the latrine, the men don’t let us do too much of the important work because they fear we’re not strong enough/ we might mess it up. But, we still are very proactive. We have collected rocks, bricks, and sand for all three latrine sites. We also got to use a sledge hammer and smash the rocks into bits for the cement mix. The strenuous labor really helps get out your frustration. It’s been a challenging, but also enriching experience working on the latrines. I never was much of a “handy-man” at home so it is a new experience learning to use these tools and be able see something that I made with my hands turn into an actual project! It’s exciting! I also feel that I have grown closer to my fellow project interns and the GHNU staff. During down time, the GHNU staff talk to us about their upbringing and life in Uganda. It’s very interesting to hear them so casually open up about their hardships (especially about the impact Kony had on their community). I have also had interesting discussions with the project interns. Before every meeting, Joyce assigns us a partner in the group to talk to for at least thirty minutes and return with at least one interesting fact about their life. It has actually been really helpful with getting to know the rest of the team (even if it is awkward for the first 5 minutes). I’ve learned so much about the interns, their lives, and what influenced them to come on the trip. We also got to meet some other non-profit workers who work with musical therapy. It was fun to talk to people outside our group and hear about their project and why they decided to come to Uganda. This trip has been so amazing and as our departure date gets closer I realize more and more that I don’t want to leave. I’ve connected with a lot of people here, especially the little kids, and saying good bye is going to be very difficult.

Sarah Prather

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