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Week 4: Swim in the Amazon, then…run run run! | Nourish International

August 6, 2014 | Posted in 2014, Peru, Rice, Summer Projects | By

Sunday, 13 July
The World Cup Final! In addition to our usual Saturday trip, Juan, Michael, and I (Nick) took a Sunday trip to Mazán to watch the game. We were accompanied by Emerson, with boating by Julio and family. We arrived at 11 because we thought the game started at 11:30. Turns out it actually started at 2, so we killed some time using the internet and eating some delicious fish at the local cevicheria, El Pez Blanco. (The fish here is straight out of the river and better than any fish I’ve ever had. No annoying “fishy” taste.) Germany won, much to the disappointment of the 50 or so Peruvians also watching in the restaurant. They were all cheering for Messi, if not Argentina.
We walked back in semi-darkness without flashlights. The hike back was a little scary, but manageable. If the game had gone to penalties, though, we might not have made it back. (Emerson says there used to be quite a few jaguars around the field station, but we haven’t seen any yet.) We left Emerson in Mazán and picked up Gilberto, who just recovered from a few-day stint of malaria. We arrived back at the field station to discover that the girls hadn’t had lunch since we left with the cook! Luckily they survived on cookies and ate an extra big dinner to make up for it. 

Gilberto chillin' in his hammock.

Gilberto chillin’ in his hammock.

Monday, 14 July
Continued work on the school today, painting and replacing mosquito screens. Many kids are absent from school with malaria; Emerson said one class has 12 of 16 students out sick. The hike back was dreadfully hot so some of us decided to go swimming. While swimming we made 4 mudballs, and decided to name them Chachi, Tofer, Pablo Sanchez, and Pelota.

Tuesday, 15 July
Today for lunch Gilberto made us Huancaína, which is a delicious cheese sauce that tastes amazing with potatoes. We’ve asked Gilberto to make it more often. (Note by Dayae: this was my favorite food I had on the trip, and that’s saying something because all the food was amazing! I don’t even like cheese…)

Wednesday, 16 July
Watched Brother Bear and finally learned the word for the delicious ice cream things: curichi. There’s curichi salespeople everywhere. We keep calling it “helado,” but Emerson told us the real word today. The aguaje flavor (Emerson’s favorite) is made from palm tree fruit and has a really unique taste.

Thursday, 17 July
Incredibly hot today, so Michael and I (Nick) decided to jump off the boat on our way back from the school. It was slightly terrifying once we realized the current was stronger than we expected, but we both made it to shore safely. Then Juan and Dayae and I decided to run the trail instead of hiking. It was a terrible idea but surprisingly fun. We made it in 12 minutes and collapsed when we made it to the table. Gilberto had orange slices ready for us, and after a long, sweaty run they were the best-tasting orange slices I’ve ever had.

Nick after jumping off the boat.

Nick after jumping off the boat.

Friday, 18 July
We painted using ladders today, and bought some orange KR (a Peruvian soda) from a house store near the school. Then one of Julio’s sons climbed an incredibly tall coconut tree and threw down a couple coconuts. He hacked them open with a machete, and we drank the coconut water! It was refreshing even though it actually tasted pretty bad.

Michael did not like the coconut.

Michael did not like the coconut.

Then a bunch of us jumped off the boat again to cool off. Walked back to the field station with Emerson, and he told me a bunch of stories about working for Project Amazonas. Apparently he only took one year of English classes, and the rest of his knowledge was learned through work. Which is amazing, since he’s a pretty competent English speaker. He told me that the Mazán river has tons of stingrays. Emerson is such a wise, caring person. I’ll miss conversations with him.


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