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We’re goin’ to Ghana! | Nourish International

July 5, 2014 | Posted in 2014, Ghana, Summer Projects, UMN | By

Hello friends and family!

This post begins a series of blog posts that chronicles UMN Nourish’s project with Global Mamas in Cape Coast, Ghana. First, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Nick Cotta just finished his second year at the U. He plans to create his own major with concentrations in Global Studies, Psychology, and Social Justice. He is most looking forward to meeting the Mamas and learning about Ghanaian culture.

Ashwat Giri also just finished his second year at the U. He is entering his third and final year as an English major and plans to attend law school. He is thrilled with all that UMN Nourish has accomplished this year and is most looking forward to seeing, and being a part of, the culmination of the chapter’s efforts.

Abbey Kroll is entering her third year at the U. She is majoring in International Business and Supply Chain and Operations Management. She is most looking forward to meeting the Mamas and seeing how the organization has impacted their lives.

Ericka Wallis is entering her third year at the U as a graphic design major. She is most looking forward to implementing the project with Global Mamas and experiencing a culture very different from what she is used to.

UMN Nourish raised over $7000 this year, and has been eagerly anticipating putting that money to use. We chose Global Mamas as our partner because we believe the organization demonstrates the attitudes and ethics that Nourish stands for. We believe Global Mamas has an appreciation for the complexity of the issues surrounding extreme poverty, and we are impressed with how they have focused their efforts on designing highly contextualized, sustainable, community-based solutions.

Today, the team celebrated Fourth of July with Ericka’s family and neighbors in Madison, Wisconsin.

Celebrating the 4th in Wisconsin!

Celebrating the 4th in Wisconsin!

Tomorrow, we are driving to Chicago to catch a 3pm flight to Boston, our first of many flights as we make our way to Cape Coast, Ghana.

We invite you to connect with us throughout our project. You can follow us at this blog, or any of the personal blogs that our team members have created:

Nick Cotta: Wilhelm Commune
Ashwat Giri: antipasto
Abbey Kroll: Ghana with the Mamas
Ericka Wallis: Gnomad

Thank you for your support and interest, and look out for more posts from UMN Nourish!

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