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What Does Social Entrepreneurship Mean to You? | Nourish International

January 9, 2014 | Posted in Alumni Spotlight, Chapter Updates, Nourish Office, Ventures | By

This month our blog series focuses on social entrepreneurship. We’ll discuss Nourish’s approach, Chapter Ventures, and the wider field.

At Nourish International, we believe in empowering students and communities to take action for sustainably ending poverty with the tools of education, intercultural understanding, business, and social enterprise. The tenants of social entrepreneurship are  key components to our approach to Ventures and Projects. Learn more about our model here.

Today we ask our community, what does social entrepreneurship mean to you? 

Nourish International Program Director, Sarah Miller Frazer says, “Social entrepreneurship uses market forces and business practices to create innovative solutions to societal problems.” Sarah believes that social enterprises can be for-profit, non-profit, or hybrid, but ultimately deliver results on a triple bottom line. Learn more about the Triple Bottom Line in this article from the Economist.

“Social entrepreneurs are mad scientists in the lab,” says Pamela Hartigan, director of the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University. “They’re harbingers of new ways of doing business (Forbes, 2013).”

Jennifer Smith, a Nourish alumnus from the University of Tennessee says, “Nourish taught me a new way to do business. Previously, I could not understand the personal benefit of running a non-profit, but I knew that the conventional capitalist business ethic was lacking something, as well. Nourish taught me how to form a business that aligns 100 percent with my values. I now know the basics of running a business, where I can benefit while employees, customers, the environment, and the world as a whole also benefit.”Drawing on her Nourish training and experience, Jennifer launched her own business: TradePrints selling handicrafts made by Grassroots Uganda.

Join the discussion! What does social entrepreneurship mean to you?

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