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July 21, 2011 | Posted in 2011, Thailand, UNC | By



Business continues to go swimmingly. We completed the construction of the animal feed cooperative and have since moved onto the second major portion of the project – the family gardens. As students, we’ve excelled at this since a lot of it largely involves us simply tagging along with Pattanarak and learning from the daily operations of a successfully established local grassroots NGO. Each day, we venture out to a different community along with a few members of the Pattanarak staff and a pickup truck bed loaded with seedlings, compost and hoes. In the mornings, we typically go to a primary school or daycare center and split our time teaching and playing with the kids, and planting with them. After lunch, we truck along to a pre-designated village community, and spend some time getting to know various villagers and exchanging questions and nuggets of culture between us. Then, we split up and each accompany a family to work with them in developing their own backyard garden, finding ways to optimize the space they have and helping them to plant a diverse crop. Some of the popular varieties spanning both annuals and perennials are Thai chili peppers, Thai basil, lemongrass, papaya, green eggplant, string beans, sweet potatoes, and probably a few others that I’m forgetting. Our experiences vary from day to day, but it’s been wonderful to work alongside and converse with some of the community members. It’s difficult and oftentimes frustrating to communicate across the language barrier, but we try our best to come up with meaningful questions to ask and to share elements from our own lives with them, and we always find that they are nice beyond all reason in return. One woman at the last village we visited said to Alisa (who was translating for us at the time), “You have kind hearts and you are all very cute.” So kind. Our hearts, I mean.


Craving more of the juicy trip details but too shy to ask? Check out the personal blogs that three members of our group have been keeping (and probably updating more regularly than this one).


Bryanna —

Celia —


Anyways, time for bed! It’s been raining pretty consistently for the past three days and we’re hoping it doesn’t flood. Maybe it’s my overly cautious personality but I for one am not taking any chances; I’m going to bed in my swim trunks.



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