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Yo Yo Yorito! | Nourish International

April 22, 2008 | Posted in 2008, Honduras, Michigan, UNC | By

Welcome to Nourish International Honduras 2008 OFFICIAL Blog!

My name is Jonathan Tarleton, one of the Project Leaders for our project in Yorito, Honduras this summer. I wanted to give a rundown of who we are, who we will be working with, and what we are going to be up to. So, first of all…

Who Are We?

We are a group of 6 students, 5 from UNC-Chapel Hill and 1 from the University of Michigan. We’ve got… Logan Couce, Claire Kane Boychuk, Diana Iglesias, Max Rose, Carolyn Brown, and (yours truly) Jonathan Tarleton. Check out the “About Us” page to learn a bit about each of us.

Who Are We Working With?

So this is the hap: We are working with a Honduran NGO named FIPAH (Fundacion para la Investigacion Participativo con Agricultores de Honduras), a grouping of farmer cooperatives working at local, regional, and national levels to provide greater food security and sovereignty to the marginalized communities of Honduras through research resulting in hardier crop varieties specific to the region. The wonderful thing about this organization is that farmers are conducting this research themselves rather than an outside source without knowledge of the specific agricultural issues of the area. FIPAH also actively seeks to preserve the biodiversity of Honduras through seed banking and education. Committed to both providing food to their communities while preserving the environment in which they live, FIPAH is a model organization for sustainable development.

What Are We Going To Be Up To?

Our part in all this wondrous work will come to fruition mostly in the form of greenhouses. The Nourish International UNC-Chapel Hill chapter has raised money throughout the year through ventures to fund both this project and others. We will both invest in the greenhouses, and build them, to provide areas for research. We will also be working with the youth cooperatives to both learn with them about the methods of FIPAH while also teaching basic computer skills.

There is much more information on the logistics of the project, the importance of such work, who exactly we are other than names, and actual project updates, so check back soon!

-Jonathan Tarleton