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“You have the Power to Change your Campus and Change Your World.” | Nourish International

November 1, 2013 | Posted in Chapter Founders, Nourish Office | By

In the world today…

  • 1 in 6 people live in extreme poverty
  • 1.1 billion lack access to water
  • 1 billion people are illiterate
  • Developing countries have 1 doctor per 6,000 people

At Nourish International we are changing this.

Our mission is to engage students and empower communities to make a lasting impact on extreme poverty. We are currently on 45 college campuses. Students run small businesses and have fundraising events to earn money. During the summer, students travel abroad and invest their funds to work alongside communities and implement sustainable development projects.

Here are some examples of Ventures on college campuses across the country:

  • Once a week from 8pm-12am the Claremont chapter organizes a café that sells food from local businesses, has live entertainment, and creates a space where students can study or hangout.
  • Emory College is selling mock cocktails at large social events on their campus. They thought a nice Mango Blast or a Sweet Tea Spritzer would be perfect for different on-campus functions.
  • Davidson College decided to create a business selling customized hairbands that double as bracelets to students on their campus. The Venture is called “Banded Together Against Poverty.”

To prepare our colleges for their Ventures we have many different opportunities. There is a leadership conference in August, phone mentorship throughout the year, a business plan competition in the fall, and much more. We do our best at the National Office to support each Chapter along the way.

We would love you to join the movement! To apply, visit

Application deadlines

  • Early Decision: February 1
  • Regular Decision March 31

The Nourish team is here to answer any questions you may have at 919-338-2599 or you can email us at [email protected]. To learn more please watch our Chapter Founders video at and  visit our website at

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